Business media not good at calling end to trends’s Marek Fuchs writes Wednesday that the business media is typically wrong when it attempts to call the end to a trend. One example, he notes, was the coverage of the housing bubble, which many in the business journalism field predicted would pop about seven years ago. The latest example, he says, is a Wall […]

How to fix business journalism

Marek Fuchs,’s media critic who was on a panel that I organized and moderated at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers annual conference on what’s wrong with business journalism, publishing his introductory speech Monday. In part, Fuchs wrote, “Here’s my solution. Though a wall exists between a news outlet’s journalistic and business […]

Biz sections need to stop writing so much about newspapers

Marek Fuchs of writes Monday that one of the reasons why so many readers are ditching newspapers is that newspaper business sections spend too much time reporting about the newspaper industry. Exhibit A, he wrote, is the business section of the New York Times on Monday. He wrote, “Business news is probably the only […]

Who were the sources in Microsoft-Yahoo! story?

Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times and Marek Fuchs of have called into question the sourcing in a New York Post story Monday that claimed that Microsoft was close to a deal to buy Internet search engine Yahoo. First Dudley. He wrote, “The New York Post owes everyone a good follow-up story. “You can’t […]

Cramer: Dow Jones board should take bid or resign’s Jim Cramer writes Thursday morning that the Dow Jones & Co. outside board members are all current or former executives of other companies who know something about creating shareholder value and thus should take the $5 billion offer from News Corp. to sell the owner of The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch. Cramer […]

Dow Jones stock price remains high, which means company might sell reporter Nat Worden writes that because the stock price of Dow Jones & Co. has remained stable in Wednesday trading even though a majority of the Bancroft family has indicated it’s opposed to selling the owner of The Wall Street Journal to News Corp. indicates that they may have to consider selling to someone. Worden […]

Misleading headlines drive him crazy’s Marek Fuchs points out a few headlines from recent business news stories that don’t necessarily convey what the story is about. Fuchs wrote, “Take a recent Reuters headline that got a lot of play … puh-lease. ‘Fed’s Yellen says economic downturn possible,’ yelled Reuters. “The headline is at once declarative and incredibly weak. San […]

AT&T coverage at opposite ends’s Marek Fuchs wrote Friday that coverage of AT&T’s earnings earlier in the week had two widely divergent takes on the numbers. He wrote, “Look at what The Wall Street Journal said about AT&T’s Tuesday earnings report: Wireless Growth, Mergers Fuel AT&T Net. Got that? Wireless growth helped lead to an almost doubling of first-quarter […] posts record revenue amid strong ad sales

Financial news site reported record first-quarter profits on Thursday due to a 56 percent increase in advertising. Robert Holmes, a reporter for, wrote, “The company reported net income of $3 million in the quarter, up from $2.6 million in the year-ago period on net revenue of $14.5 million, a 30% increase from $11.1 million from […]

Jim Cramer's 2006 comp: $2.4 million

“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer made more than $2.4 million in 2006 from his base salary from, his share of a radio talent fee for his now-defunct radio show and exercising stock options from the online business news company he helped start.’s proxy was released on Monday. It stated, “In consideration for providing […]