Homans, editor of Vanity Fair’s The Hive, has died

John Homans, editor of Vanity Fair’s widely read media, business and technology sub-section The Hive, died Wednesday at the age of 62. “There just aren’t many people like Homans in our business,” wrote Michael Calderone, a senior editor at The Hive, on Twitter. Homans was the executive editor of New York magazine from 1994 to […]

Inside The Hive’s powerbroker newsletter

Max Willens of Digiday writes about Vanity Fair’s business news site The Hive’s personalized newsletter product, The Players, which lets readers follow 150 specific figures because anytime the Hive writes a piece about a person someone follows, that reader receives an email with that story. Willens writes, “Nearly 36,000 people have signed up for the emails since […]