Business Insider fires chief technology officer

Business Insider has fired chief technology officer Pax Dickinson due to offensive tweets, reports Jeff Bercovici of Bercovici writes, “There’s probably never a good time to get called out for using racial slurs and making rape jokes, but Dickinson’s contretemps came at a particularly unfortunate moment, with allegations that the tech industry is a […]

Blodget discusses Business Insider’s history

Henry Blodget, the former Wall Street analyst who started Business Insider, discusses the web site’s founding and strategy on Riptide, an oral history of the collision between journalism and technology that began in the 1990s. Here is an excerpt: John: Would you mind just walking us through your business model? What it was when you […]

Business Insider hires strategy and careers editor

Jenna Goudreau has been hired by Business Insider as the editor overseeing its strategy and careers coverage. Goudreau started last week, said Jessica Liebman, Business Insider’s managing editor. Max Nisen, strategy reporter, and Vivian Giang, careers reporter, both report to Goudreau. “We’re thrilled to have Jenna on the team as we’ve followed her work at […]

Sponsored content in biz journalism and its ethics

Michael Sebastian of Advertising Age writes about Business Insider’s “Future of Business” section sponsored by SAP and how the software company has tbe power to veto articles about competitors. Sebastian writes, “So far Business Insider has selected appropriate articles, so SAP has not used its veto, Ms. Larsen said. And Business Insider President Julie Hansen […]

Business Insider reporter disses Mobile, gets invited to Alabama city

Darwin Singleton of Your15TV in Mobile, Ala., reports how Business Insider reporter Julie Zeveloff, who recently wrote an article naming the Alabama city as the third worst in the country, has accepted an invitation to visit. Singleton writes, “So Stimpson and staff started a campaign within their campaign, aimed, not at Mobile voters, but directly at… Julie […]

Business Insider unveils new design

The Business Insider website has a new design Wednesday morning. “It has been about three years since we made significant changes to the design,” said founder and editor in chief Henry Blodget in an email to Talking Biz News. “We figured it was time to make some!” There were three primary goals with the redesign: […]

Business Insider hires political editor

Josh Barro, the 28-year-old Bloomberg View blogger and rising star of moderate conservatism, is joining Business Insider as politics editor, reports Dylan Byers of Politico. Byers writes, “‘I’ll be overseeing BI’s coverage of politics, and I’ll still be writing a lot,’ Barro told POLITICO in an email. ‘I see my core strength as explaining economic policy […]

Business Insider blurs line between editorial and advertising

Ryan Chittum of Columbia Journalism Review disagrees with the philosophy behind Business Insider’s new “Future of Business” section. Chittum writes, “The problems start with the banner across the top of the page: “If ‘Within every industry, transformational change is coming. Embrace it’ reads like vacuous ad copy, well, the BI section is sponsored by SAP, […]

What will Business Insider do with Bezos’s money?

Felix Salmon of Reuters writes about how Business Insider can improve itself in the wake of an investment from CEO Jeff Bezos. Salmon writes, “The problem is that in the chase for revenue growth, Blodget is sacrificing a pleasant user experience. He installs ugly automatic links under certain phrases, for instance, which when you […]

Amazon’s Bezos invests in Business Insider’s Jeff Bezos has invested in Business Insider, according to a memo from Henry Blodget, one of the founder’s of the website, posted on its website Friday morning. The memo states: Basically, Jeff Bezos is making a significant investment in the company. Our existing investors are also chipping in some more.  In total, we’re raising […]