No shakeup at the Economist

John Micklethwaite, the new editor of The Economist, promises no major shakeup at the British-based magazine under his tenure. He had an exclusive interview/profile with the Sunday Telegraph, which described him as a person who bicycles to work and arrives in the newsroom with his pants legs tucked into his socks. The article, by George […]

Media Life: Micklethwait's U.S. work to come in handy at Economist

Media Life, in reporting on the appointment yesterday afternoon of John Micklethwait to become the new editor of British-based The Economist, notes that the new editor’s experience here in the States will be essential to the future success of the publication. Heidi Dawley writes, “The U.S. has been the Economist’s growth market for some years […]

Micklethwait named new editor of The Economist

John Micklethwait has been named the new editor of 163-year-old magazine The Economist, replacing Bill Emmott. He starts in the new position immediately. Micklethwait, 43, was appointed the U.S. editor of The Economist in 1999. Before that, he ran the newspaper’s New York bureau for two years, having edited the Business Section of the newspaper […]

Betting on the next editor of The Economist

Apparently a booking agent in London had been taking bets on who would be the next editor of The Economist magazine, but the bookie shut down the business after receiving a large number of bets on a certain internal candidate. The London Times reports, “SOMEONE at The Economist knows something we don’t. Paddy Power, the […]

The Economist: Boffo in Baltimore?

The New York Times’ Stuart Elliott reports that The Economist is conducting some test marketing in the Baltimore market see if it can increase newstand sales in the United States. The issue is that many Americans have a low awareness of the magazine and think of it as a journal about economics. Elliott writes, “The […]

Economist's Bill Emmott on BBC World Service

Bill Emmott, the editor of The Economist who announced earlier this year that he was stepping down from the post, was interviewed by BBC World Service. A blogger in Singapore who caught the interview posted this comments about Emmott’s performance as editor of the magazine: “Globalisation and the spread of the English language helped his […]

The Economist is doing well in the States

National Public Radio did a piece today on The Economist, the British-based magazine that examines business, politics and society. The item noted that while other magazines have been stagnant in terms of subscriptions, The Economist has seen an increase. Frank Langfitt notes, “The magazine would seem to have several strikes against it. First, there’s the […]

Praise for The Economist

A Boston Globe editorial praises some old-line magazines, including The Economist and the Atlantic. In regards to the British business-related magazine, the editorial stated, “With a wry, sometimes snide eye on the entire world, The Economist can seem like a bastion of the aging elite. But its appeal is evident in its circulation of more […]

Outgoing Economist editor speaks his mind

Bill Emmott, right, who announced earlier this month that he was stepping down as editor of The Economist magazine, spoke with Newsweek magazine about a range of topics in this week’s issue. The Q&A format included this interesting item: The Economist’s circulation has increased by more than 40 percent in North America over the last […]

The secrets of The Economist

The Independent, a London-based newspaper, has a nice article today on what makes The Economist magazine so successful and required reading. The Independent writes: “How did The Economist take wing? Not thanks to its journalists alone: one secret has been its management’s readiness to pour money into promotion in hard times as in good. In […]