TechRadar Gaming is looking for game writers

I am TechRadar Gaming’s very first features editor. I have a freelance budget. If you’re experienced, or new and wanting to develop your craft further, you can help me build a prestige reputation for TRG. ABOUT THE COMPANY TechRadar is a consumer technology news and reviews site. Its global team of journalists and gadget obsessives […]

Launcher (Washington Post) is looking for game writers

Any freelance video game journalists out there playing V Rising and have some hot takes to share? Pitch Launcher! ABOUT THE COMPANY Launcher is a section at the Washington Post that is dedicated to video gaming, esports competitions and gaming culture. Launcher features insightful analysis into the people, companies, teams and trends that comprise an […]

Folk Alley is looking for folk music writers

Folk Alley is looking for pitches and to diversify their writer pool. If you enjoy folk music, reach out to us! ABOUT THE COMPANY Folk Alley is a folk music portal for visitors to not only listen to the music streams, but to explore today’s vibrant folk and roots music scene. Whether via blogs posts, […]