The iPhone is indispensable for this media reporter

New York Times media reporter Edmund Lee talks about how he uses technology for his job. Here is an excerpt: What tech tools do you rely on most for reporting on the media industry? My iPhone is my everyweapon. It’s for emails, texts, Signals, interviews, notes, even suggestions for the best subway route. (I swear […]

How two WSJ reporters covered the WeWork story

The Lede, an internal Dow Jones newsletter, talked with Wall Street Journal reporters Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell about their reporting on the WeWork story. Here is an excerpt: How did you know there was more to uncover at WeWork? What kept you going? Eliot: It was always clear from former employees and other sources […]

How two Business Insider reporters covered what’s going on inside WeWork

Meghan Morris of Business Insider spoke with Business Insider editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell about her latest feature with tech reporter Julie Bort in which the two talked to 20 current and former WeWork employees, executives, and business partners. Here is an excerpt: Shontell: Convincing strangers to talk to you about sensitive topics is really tough. How’d […]

How a NY Times biz reporter protects confidential sources

New York Times finance editor David Enrich talked about his job and how he does his reporting and writing. Here is an excerpt: So you often edit and report on sensitive stories. How do you protect the confidentiality of sources and leave no digital trace? I use encrypted chat programs like WhatsApp and Signal for […]

How CNBC’s Farr ferrets out good health tech stories

CNBC health and technology reporter Christina Farr spoke with Dr. Josh Luke on his “Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room” podcast about how she finds stories and determining how to report stories on her beat. Farr said she likes to frame her stories around people. “One of the things that is a guiding principle for me and […]

Covering the tech beat as the voice of the community

Todd Bishop, the co-founder and editor in chief of GeekWire, spoke with Sean Murphy at Chico State University about his career. Here is an excerpt: How do you see journalism’s role today in covering tech giants and bringing it back to the community? At our best, we really end up asking a lot of tough […]

How a Business Insider reporter got the story on hacking devices

Business Insider deputy editor Olivia Oran spoke to technology deals reporter Becky Peterson who took readers inside the secretive Israeli spyware startup scene, where the notorious NSO Group has spawned a web of companies that hack into devices. Here is an excerpt: Oran: Tell me about your reporting process. How long did this story take […]

The business journal and the public records request

An editorial in this week’s Memphis Business Journal examines the local government’s track record of responding to public records requests. The editorial states, “At least twice, an MBJ open records request with the City has taken in excess of a year for the records to be returned. While waiting for one of those requests, MBJ […]

Why LinkedIn’s Premium service isn’t for every journalist

Tyler Kingkade of The Daily Dot writes about LinkedIn’s strategy of giving its premium service to journalists to help them ferret out stories. Kingkade writes, “A few weeks ago, in June, LinkedIn revamped how it doles out that free Premium boost. Anyone who gets into the webinar is guaranteed a no-cost Premium upgrade, but it’s limited to […]

How artificial intelligence from Quartz helped reporters with the Mauritius Leaks

Jeremy B. Merrill of Quartz writes about how the financial news site’s artificial intelligence tools helped reporters dig through documents that showed how multinational companies avoided paying taxes when they do business in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Merrill writes, “To support the reporters working on the project, Quartz built a machine-learning model that […]