Des Moines' biz section gets overhauled

The Des Moines Register’s business section has had renovation, and it includes everything from the stock pages to the number of pictures of local business people that it’s going to print, according to a column from editor Carolyn Washburn. Washburn wrote, “We’re also bringing you a more meaningful package of financial/market information. We have been […]

Florida paper cuts stock listings

Naples Daily News editor Phil Lewis said in his Sunday column that the Florida paper will cut its stock listings beginning this week. Lewis wrote, “We currently devote four full pages a day to market listings. In the future we will have one page a day. Half of the page will list the 1,000 most […]

Who paid for union ad in New York Times?

As noted earlier, the union representing business journalists at The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Marketwatch and Dow Jones Newswire ran an ad in the New York Times on Tuesday about the redesigned Journal and its current negotiations with parent company Dow Jones. Apparently the union, the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees, has received a few […]

WSJ missed chance to make a big splash

The New York Post’s Keith Kelly wrote that some insiders at the Wall Street Journal believe the paper missed a chance to make a big splash with its redesign, which was unveiled Tuesday, because many of its top journalists were on or returning from vacation and the introduction was made during a slow news period. […]

WSJ redesign shows emphasis on Internet

BusinessWeek’s Catherine Holohan wrote that the redesigned Wall Street Journal is actually showing that newspapers need to focus more on what they’re doing on the Internet if they want to keep their readers. Holohan said, “The once-ignored stepchild is getting a lot more attention lately, both from Internet-savvy audiences and deep-pocketed advertisers. Perhaps the biggest […]

Reaction to WSJ redesign is mixed

Comments about the redesigned Wall Street Journal are beginning to permeate the Internet, and the reaction is mixed. Jonathan Berr, writing on, said that the redesign was about three yeaars too late. He said, “The design itself will take some getting used to. The Journal is 20 percent narrower which will make it easier […]

With markets closed, new WSJ falls on deaf ears

Katherine Seelye of the New York Times writes Tuesday that the redesigned Wall Street Journal probably isn’t reaching as many people as it initially expected because the stock markets are closed due to the death of former president Gerald Ford. Seelye wrote, “That means The Journal’s core audience is likely to miss the ballyhooed first […]

WSJ publisher attempts to quell readers about changes

Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz wrote a letter in Saturday’s paper about the upcoming changes to the business newspaper, which will begin Jan. 2. Crovitz said, “Some of you wrote to be sure we won’t do anything to reduce the high standards of the Journal. We understand the concern at a time when so […]

What to do with Wednesday biz sections?

The decision by the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange to close trading on Jan. 2 in observance of the death of former president Gerald Ford has put business editors in a tough spot as to what they do with their section on Wednesday, Jan. 3. Tim Steller, business editor of the Arizona Daily Star […]

Where the WSJ is headed

Editor & Publisher is a long piece taking a look at the changes that will occur at The Wall Street Journal next week. Perhaps the most interesting part of the story for business journalists at the paper is near the end, when the discussion turns to staffing levels. Jennifer Saba wrote, “If [publisher Gordon] Crovitz […]