Recession talk: do journalists really know what they are talking about?

In an analysis in the Columbia Journalism Review, Zainab Sultan examines the way media cover recession talk and poses the simple question: Does anyone know what they’re talking about? The succint answer is probably not. The Associated Press, the New York Times and CNBC and a host of other media outlets have all recently […]

Fox News, Trump, accuse media of trying to cause a recession

Fox News guests and hosts have accused the media of deliberately trying to cause a recession to undermine President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects. ( Stocks plummeted last Wednesday after the U.S. bond market fired off a warning sign with an inverted yield curve, which reflects long-term interest rates on bonds dropping below short-term interest rates. An […]

Goldman Sachs warns of looming recession

Investment bank Goldman Sachs is warning that President Donald’s Trump’s trade war with China is increasing the odds of a recession, reports Martha C. White of NBC News. In a research note released Sunday, Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius said, “We have increased our estimate of the growth impact of the trade war.” Fourth-quarter […]