Business in Vancouver to begin charging for content

Kirk LaPointe, the publisher  and editor in chief of Business in Vancouver, writes that the publication will soon begin charging for access to its content. LaPointe writes, “Having been around this free-versus-paid debate in journalism for about a quarter-century now, it bears reminding that decisions to reach the widest audience without any kind of barrier were […]

News outlets to lift paywalls amid coronavirus outbreak

News organizations across America are dropping paywalls to provide extensive coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. Big and small media outlets ranging from The New York Times to the Telegraph-Forum are letting readers read their pandemic coverage without a subscription, reports Dayton Daily News. “Financial concerns shouldn’t keep anyone away from news and information that could […]

Delaware State News joins growing list of newspapers setting up paywalls

The Delaware State News has joined the parade of newspapers setting up “paywalls” that limit the number of stories that can be read each month at no charge. The daily newspaper-website in Dover announced that subscribers, beginning in early November, will be limited to five free stories per month. Subscribers can pay what was described as […]