Holden, former Dow Jones News Fund executive director and WSJ editor, dies at 70

Richard S. Holden, who retired in 2014 after 22 years as executive director of the Dow Jones News Fund and 19 years as an editor of The Wall Street Journal, died Wednesday in Morristown, New Jersey, after a lengthy illness. He also served on the News Fund’s Board of Directors. He was 70. Holden was appointed executive […]

Bregar, journalist at Crain’s Plastics News, dies at 58

Bill Bregar, who spent 31 years reporting on the plastics industry, died April 5 of an apparent heart attack at age 58. A story in Plastics News states, “Bregar was a plastics industry star, known for his extensive industry knowledge and long list of sources and friends. “He joined Plastics News as a staff reporter […]

Graves, founder of Black Enterprise magazine, dies at 85

Earl Graves Sr., the founder and publisher of Black Enterprise, has died at the age of 85 from Alzheimer’s, reports Brett Molina of USA Today. Molina reports, “Graves Sr. founded Black Enterprise in 1970 as a resource for business and investing advice for African Americans. “‘The time was ripe for a magazine devoted to economic development […]

AP deputy tech editor Jesdanun dies from coronavirus

Associated Press deputy tech editor Nick Jesdanun has died from the coronavirus, numerous sources reported Friday. He was 51. AP national writer Ted Anthony writes, “Jesdanun, known as Nick, was the first AP reporter to be given the ‘internet writer’ byline two decades ago, when the world was less than 10 years into using the […]

Canada biz reporter Little dies at 74

Bruce Little, a reporter whose “Amazing Facts” column in The Globe and Mail tracked Canada’s political leaders, central bankers and their economic policies, died earlier this month at the age of 74 after a brief illness. Peter Tym of the Globe and Mail writes, “In 1976, Mr. Little joined the CBC in Halifax as producer […]

Maggs, editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, dies at 55

Barry Maggs, an editor who had worked at Bloomberg Businessweek magazine for the past 22 years, died Saturday at the age of 55 from cancer. Maggs joined Businessweek in 1998 when it was still owned by McGraw-Hill. He edited columns by Jack and Suzy Welch, Charlie Rose, and numerous outside columnists. He was known on […]

Babad, longtime Canadian biz journalist, dies at 66

Michael Babad, a longtime Canadian business journalist who was at The Globe and Mail in Toronto, died Thursday at 66 from cancer. Andrew WIllis of The Globe and Mail writes, “For much of his career, Mr. Babad was part of a team that ran business coverage at major Canadian media outlets and helped chronicle the corporate […]

Founder of American Indian Press Association passes away

Charles Trimble, an Oglala Lakota journalist, a former leader of the National Congress of American Indians and founder of the American Indian Press Association has died at the age of 84. Trimble passed away due to natural causes Monday in Omaha, Nebraska, his daughter, Kaiti Fenz-Trimble, announced on Facebook. Trimble founded the American Indian Press […]

Former Columbus Dispatch biz editor dies at 87

Former Columbus Dispatch business editor Diana Britt Franklin died Monday after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. She was 87. Luke Feck and Chris Amatos write, “Franklin, born Peter D. Franklin in Bournemouth, England, in May 1932, transitioned in March 2003, explaining that, ‘For many years I felt as though I was born into the wrong body. Now, […]

Former Business New Haven publisher dies

Mitchell R. Young, former publisher of the regional business publication Business New Haven, died Feb. 16 following a long illness. A story on the publication’s website states, “The biweekly periodical was a publication of Second Wind Media Ltd., which Young co-founded in 1993 and of which he was co-owner and treasurer. Business New Haven began publishing in August […]