More from the heads of WSJ

Staci Kramer of has the second part of her interview with Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thomson and publisher Les Hinton on Thursday. Here is an excerpt: One of the habits you’ve been trying to change at News Corp is to take the Dow Jones example of having people pay for digital and […]

A look at the Reuters Insider technology

Melanie Rodier of Wall Street & Technology writes about how the new Reuters Insider can help traders. Rodier writes, “Reuters Insider also allows firms to self-broadcast research, market commentary, morning calls and trade ideas straight to the desktops and mobile phones of Thomson Reuters customers via their own branded channels. “With technology developed by Thomson […]

FT app wins award

The Financial Times won an Apple Design Award for its iPad app on Tuesday. One of only five winners, the FT app was the only news app to be included at the ceremony held at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Apple Design Awards recognize iPhone and iPad applications that demonstrate technical […]

FT's iPad app outsells its iPhone app

The Financial Times‘ iPad app has registered three times more downloads in its first two weeks since launch, than its iPhone app managed, according to the publisher. John Reynolds of MediaWeek writes, “The Financial Times has recorded around 130,000 downloads of its iPad since it was made available in the US around two weeks ago. […]

WSJ to launch Digits daily video

Mike Shields of MediaWeek reports that the Wall Street Journal is set to launch Digits, a live weekday video series focused on technology. Shields writes, “The series, which will stream live each weekday at 1p.m. EST starting on Wednesday (Feb 24), is an off shoot of the Journal’s Digits blog, which was launched in late […]

Blogging for the NYT biz section

Paul Boutin writes on VentureBeat about the process of blogging for the New York Times business section’s Gadgetwise blog. Boutin writes, “Gadgetwise is what about how to buy and use stuff, rather than tracking the tech industry as the Bits blog does. Or in industry jargon, service journalism rather than trade news. I’ve finally found […] launches free iPhone application announced Monday the launch of its first iPhone application. The free, customizable application includes the latest business news, edited and selected by’s editors for the most relevant up-to-the-minute business headlines, key financial data and stock quotes and current business news and features captured in video for users to stream easily. Users can customize with […]

Internet becomes chief source of info for corporate executives

The Internet is the most valuable resource for executives for gathering business information, outstripping at-work contacts, personal networks and trade publications, according to a survey of corporate executives released Thursday by Forbes Insights and Google. In fact, 74 percent of respondents rated the Internet as very valuable — 5 on a 5-point scale — according to the […]