The inconsistency of strike coverage

Emily Leedham of the Press Progress in Canada writes about the inconsistencies of strike coverage. Leedham writes, “While more strike coverage happens in Ontario compared to the rest of the country, there are still labour actions outside Toronto that do not get much attention. Strikes in smaller Ontario communities are usually covered by local outlets with […]

Morano to join Fresnoland as labor and economy reporter

Julianna Morano will join Fresnoland as a labor and economy reporter. Recently, she served as an early and K-12 education reporter at The Fresno Bee. Previously, Morano interned at The Virginian-Pilot and The Dallas Morning News. She has worked as a daily arts writer, revenue strategist, managing arts editor, daily staff reporter and associate news […]

Study shows inequity among pay in Forbes newsroom

Stark disparities in salaries and tenure exist between white newsroom workers and people of color at Forbes, according to a union study obtained by Axios reporters Sara Fischer and Kerry Flynn. Fischer and Flynn report, “The study results come as Forbes’ union and management continue to battle for a contract, bolstering the union’s concerns of inclusion that it’s […]

Why the extreme heat is a labor story

Steven Greenhouse, the former labor reporter for The New York Times, writes for Nieman Reports about why rising temperatures are a labor story. Greenhouse writes, “Many occupational safety experts also fault the media, saying news organizations have done too few stories about this threat to workers and done too little to educate the public about […]

WSJ union asks for 15% pay hike in negotiations

The union that represents journalists at The Wall Street Journal, and Barron’s asked Dow Jones & Co. for a 15 percent pay hike in the first year of a new deal to make up for inflation. The IAPE 1096 also called for a cap of three mandatory in-office working days for the life of […]

Insider EIC Carlson: Audience missed striking staff’s work

Insider editor in chief Nicholas Carlson sent out the following after the company reached an agreement to end a 13-day strike: Team— As you’ve just read, management and the union have agreed to a CBA and the strike is over. To those of you who worked through the strike: thank you. I know our audience is grateful. […]

Insider, union reach deal to end strike

Insider has reached a deal with the union representing 250 editorial employees, ending a nearly two-week old strike. The agreement, which still must be voted on, includes a $65,000 salary minimum — up from $60,000 — and raises of 10 percent during the term of the contract. There is also a layoff moratorium through the […]

Insider CEO Carlson caught taking down union flyers

Insider editor in chief Nicholas Carlson was caught on video bicycling around Brooklyn and tearing down pro-union posters that targeted him, reports Alexandra Steigrad of the New York Post. Steigrad reports, “‘Have you seen this millionaire?,’ one of the flyers reads with a photo of Carlson, along with and information on the 250 unionized Insider workers […]

Insider union files three more charges with NLRB

The Insider Union filed three new unfair labor practice charges against Insider on Saturday as about 250 union members entered their second week of a strike, reports Alex Bitter of the union. Bitter writes, “Two of the ULPs claim that Insider violated union members’ rights to participate in union activities. One case involves a manager sending a […]

Insider EIC Carlson tells non-striking workers to pace themselves

Insider editor in chief Nicholas Carlson has told non-striking editorial staffers to pace themselves as they try to publish content to keep web traffic from dropping, reports Alexandra Steigrad of The New York Post. Steigrad reports, “In a Slack message reviewed by The Post, Editor-in-chief Nicholas Carlson — who has been forced to write 11 stories himself […]