Media Movers: Barron’s editor at large Andy Serwer

Is it OK to label Andy Serwer as American journalism royalty? After all, he spent decades at Fortune magazine writing about the likes of President Bill Clinton, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Starbucks magnate Howard Schultz and billionaire investor Warren Buffett. As a cub journalist, I watched  amazed as he deftly maneuvered between print, digital and […]

Howard University launches Center for Journalism & Democracy

The following excerpt was sent out: On Tuesday, Howard University (HU) launched the Center for Journalism & Democracy, a unique academic center founded by award-winning journalist and Project 1619 author Nikole Hannah-Jones. The center will serve as a hub for journalism in higher education for students, faculty, and professionals in the fields. Programming and activities […]

HuffPost is looking for writers

Seeking experienced freelancers for service journalism about life online (whether shopping, banking, dating or using Slack and Tiktok, etc.) in formats from explainers to trend investigations. ABOUT THE COMPANY At HuffPost, we report with empathy and put people at the heart of every story. We take a people-first approach in everything we report—be it news […]

The Objective is looking for writers

Apropos of nothing: The Objective is accepting pitches about systemic coverage issues within journalism, and how we can do better. ABOUT THE COMPANY The Objective is a nonprofit newsroom holding journalism accountable for past and current systemic biases in reporting and newsroom practices. It is written by and for those underrepresented in journalism. Read through its selection […]

Pulitzer Prize reporter Rezendes talks journalism

Mike Rezendes is a member of the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team. This team is a group of investigative reporters that uncovered one of the biggest scandals in Boston’s history. In 2003, Rezendes received a Pulitzer Prize in public service for his writing and reporting. Additionally, he is also co-author of “Betrayal: The Crisis in the […]

WSJ Opinion: The state of journalism

Wall Street Journal Opinion brings “The State of Journalism” where college students discuss what is working and what is not. The extracts range from different students who view journalism in a political view, talk about its standards and the cost of news and on cutting corners. “Almost everyone claims to want an unbiased news media. […]

Recession talk: do journalists really know what they are talking about?

In an analysis in the Columbia Journalism Review, Zainab Sultan examines the way media cover recession talk and poses the simple question: Does anyone know what they’re talking about? The succint answer is probably not. The Associated Press, the New York Times and CNBC and a host of other media outlets have all recently […]

Malaysia’s oldest newspaper group shuts down, admitting it is penniless

Malaysia’s oldest newspaper group will close Aug. 21 after a sustained period of financial uncertainty. All publications under the Utusan Group – Utusan Malaysia, Mingguan Malaysia, Kosmo!, and Kosmo! Ahad – will cease all print and online publications. Utusan Malaysia’s National Union of Journalists (NUJ) chief Taufek Razak said that executive chairman Datuk Abd. […]

Demise of on-line magazine Pacific Standard rocks journalism world

The sudden death of Pacific Standard, a decade-old Santa Barbara-based online magazine covering environmental science, social justice, economics policy, official corruption and other substantive issues, has hit the journalism community especially hard. The small but dedicated staff of 16 journalists were sent packing this month.  Pacific Standard debuted in 2008 as the Miller-McCune Report, named after […]