Business journalism ethics and investing

Glenn Hunter of D Magazine in Dallas attended the Society of American Business Editors and Writers‘ conference in Indianapolis and was intrigued by the ethics discussion around, an investigation news site funded by billionaire Mark Cuban, who shorts stocks that the site investigates. Hunter writes, “Sharesleuth stories are fact-checked independently and are absolutely accurate, […]

Atlantic planning publication tentatively called Global Business Elite

Nat Ives of Adverting Age talks to Chris Batty, who has been hired by the Atlantic to be the publisher of its new business publication. Here is an excerpt: Ad Age: Everyone in web publishing has to figure out how niche or how mass they want to be. Is this new site going to play […] pulls story after personal finance journalist complains

Jill Krasny of Business Insider reports that pulled a video story recommending people buy lottery tickets after personal finance journalist Zac Bissonette complained it was dubious. Krasny writes, “Per Bissonette: ‘I hesitate to even say this, but if you do buy lottery tickets, picking random numbers is the way to do it. Using random […]

Entrepreneur magazine sues another for using “entrepreneur”

Michael del Castillo writes for that Entrepreneur magazine is suing another magazine called CEO Entrepreneur Magazine for using the word entrepreneur. Del Castillo writes, “From EMI’s perspective though, the company is simply doing what any entrepreneur with a good brand should want to do — protect itself. “EMI corporate council Ron Young described the […]

Biz journalist proposes via graphic

Drake Martinet, the social media editor of D: All Things Digital, a Dow Jones & Co. site that covers tech news, proposed to his girlfriend, Mashable vice president Stacy Green, via graphic on Tuesday.

A biz reporter’s trip to Spain — funded by 12 different news organizations

Mark Katches of writes how Fresno Bee business reporter Tim Sheehan‘s trip to Spain to look at its bullet train system and how it might work in California was funded by 12 different news organizations that will all publish his work this weekend. Katches writes, “The reporting trip cost about $4,000. At a mid-sized […]

Atlantic biz site to launch in 2012

Jeff Bercovici of reports that The Atlantic business news site is expected to launch later this year. Bercovici writes, “The company has begun hiring in preparation for a mid-2012 launch. The site doesn’t yet have a name, but, unlike the Atlantic Wire, it will be a pure standalone brand, says Atlantic Media president Justin […]

One golden joke made this year’s Financial Follies

TALKING BIZ NEWS EXCLUSIVE Another Talking Biz News society correspondent has provided this take on the 69th annual Financial Follies, hosted Friday night by the New York Financial Writers’ Association at the Marriott Marquis: There was one punch line — one wonderful punch line — from the Follies that made it all worth it. And […]

Public Business seeking grants to fund investigative business journalism

A non-profit organization is seeking grants from journalists to help pay for investigative business journalism projects. Public Business supports original reporting on the wider implications of business. It is looking for deeply researched stories about companies and the impact they have on the economy, the environment or society. It welcomes proposals for projects of all […]

Romenesko resigns from Poynter

Jim Romenesko, who has blogged about the world of journalism for the past 12 years for the Poynter Institute, has resigned Thursday after the non-profit journalism organization raised questions about unattributed information on the blog. What does this has to do with business journalism, you may be asking yourself? Romenesko’s blog was the inspiration for […]