NY Times seeks a reporter to cover the FDA

The New York Times is looking for an enterprising reporter to take on one of the biggest, juiciest, most consequential beats at the intersection of health, science and big business: covering the Food and Drug Administration. The agency regulates the safety of products that make up a quarter of consumer spending — everything from drugs […]

Modern Healthcare seeks a safety of health care reporter

Modern Healthcare, the pre-eminent source for healthcare business news, is seeking an experienced reporter to cover quality and safety issues in healthcare. The hospital market is competitive and constantly changing. Quality of care is a marketing opportunity that can affect the reputation of hospitals, health systems and insurers and affect their bottom line and the […]

Reportig on OSHA violations improves compliance

One press release naming a company that has violated workplace health and safety regulations can result in a 73 percent improvement in compliance by other facilities, a Duke researcher found. The study appeared in the June issue of American Economic Review. Early 2009 saw the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) send press releases […]