Warren Phillips and the WSJ editorial page

Robert W. Merry writes for The American Conservative about how former Dow Jones & Co. CEO Warren Phillips, who died last week at the age of 92, influenced The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page by naming Robert Bartley as editorial page editor. Merry writes, “It wasn’t a popular decision. Alan Otten, the paper’s influential Washington […]

Bloomberg’s Ovide named finalist in columnist competition

Shira Ovide of Bloomberg Opinion has been named a finalist in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists annual competition. Ovide is a finalist in the print publication over 50,000 circulation category. Ovide is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering technology. Ovide was previously a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, writing about technology from its San […]

Business Insider/Insider names Bryan its new commentary editor

Nicholas Carlson, the global editor in chief of Business Insider and Insider, sent out the following announcement on Thursday: Team! Some exciting news. After several years of elevating Business Insider and INSIDER with his excellent policy coverage, we’re promoting Bob Bryan into a newly created role: Commentary Editor for Insider Inc. He will report to […]

Reuters Breakingviews seeks a columnist

Reuters Breakingviews is looking for a talented, original thinker to join our team of columnists covering U.S. companies, economics and financial markets. We’re looking for a journalist with good ideas, a collegial approach, a desire to be the best at what they do – and no fear of tight deadlines. Being a Breakingviews columnist means […]

Fed reporters need to inject more disbelief into their questioning

John Tamny, a Forbes.com contributor, writes that reporters covering the Federal Reserve Board need to be more skeptical of central bankers. Tamny writes, “Something about ‘economist,’ ‘Ph.D.’ and ‘central banker’ causes reporters to shrink in unquestioning fashion. To read Neil Irwin at the New York Times, or Greg Ip at the Wall Street Journal, is to read […]

Toronto Star hires Scoffield to write column about economic policy

The Toronto Star has hired Canadian Press Ottawa bureau chief Heather Scoffield to write a column about economic policy. Scoffield has been at Canadian Press for nearly a decade and the bureau chief since June 2013. She leads an award-winning newsroom of 18 people who regularly break news and dominate national coverage of federal politics. Scoffield started […]

Indianapolis Star drops two business columnists

The Indianapolis Star has decided to stop running columns by personal finance journalist Peter Dunn and Michael Hicks, an economics professor at Ball State, as part of spending cuts that include layoffs, reports Hayleigh Colombo of the Indianapolis Business Journal. Colombo writes, “‘Budget cuts and whatnot,’ Dunn tweeted. ‘Six years, 315 columns, and lots of reader emails. Thanks […]

Commentary: Business journalism is screwed if CEOs can deny they talked

I fear for the future of business journalism if chief executive officers such as Les Moonves can deny that they talked to reporters when the facts appear to show that they did. And the business media is to blame for allowing this to happen. In case you’ve missed what happened, let me quickly recap: Two […]

How Kara Swisher uses Twitter to formulate columns

Recode cofounder Kara Swisher talked with Ezra Klein about journalism, and one of the topics she discussed was how she uses Twitter to formulae columns. Swisher said: I knew the stuff. It was stuff I already knew. I had been working on it for a long time. I just was able to send … what […]

Should business journalism only focus on investment opportunities?

Freelance business journalist Karen K. Ho talked with Bloomberg News reporter Jordyn Holman, who covers gender, race and class in the business world, and Columbia University professor Bill Grueskin about how a lot of business news is produced for the investment community and doesn’t discuss issues that affect society. They talked on the CanadaLand podcast. […]