Battle for CNET board escalates

John Letzing of Marketwatch reports that CNET Networks Inc. is considering an appeal of a court decision permitting a group of investment firms seeking greater control of the tech biz media company to nominate new members of its board. Letzing wrote, “In a statement, CNet said Thursday that, ‘We are reviewing the Court’s written opinion […]

Negotiating the CEO interview

Jack Flack of Conde Nast Portfolio writes Monday about how business journalists and PR people for companies negotiate with each other when it comes to interviewing the chief executive officer, and offers five rules. This comes after CNET reporter Elinor Mills‘ story about her interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Flack wrote, “Those negotiations, like […]

New editor named for CNET News

Dan Farber has been named editor-in-chief of CNET, according to a release Tuesday afternoon. CNET also announced that Jai Singh, senior vice president and editor-in-chief of, will be leaving the organization March 10. Farber has more than than 20 years of experience as an editor and journalist, primarily covering technology adn new media. As […]

CNET shares rise amid speculation of Google offer

Shares of media company CNET Networks Inc., currently battling dissident shareholders who want to expand its board, soared more than 7 percent on Friday, on speculation that Google Inc might be interested in acquiring a stake in it, according to a Reuters story. CNET operates a tech news service, as well as other news operations. […]

CNET, a takeover target, hurt by blogs

Kevin Delaney of The Wall Street Journal writes Tuesday about how tech news company CNET has seen its business suffer because of the rise of blogs that now offer much of the same information and commentary. Delaney wrote, “Founded in 1992, CNET operates a string of Web sites focused primarily on technology and entertainment, such […]

Investors seek takeover of CNet

Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times writes Monday that a group of investors are seeking to take over technology news company CNet. Sorkin wrote, “Without commenting on the proposal, CNet said in a statement Sunday that under its new management it had ‘made significant strategic, financial, personnel and operational progress.’ It said the […]

CNET seeks syndication to boost traffic

Abbey Klaassen of Advertising Age writes about how CNET is going to syndicate its content in a bid to boost its page views. Klaassen wrote, “Recently, analysts have been critical of page-view stagnation. ‘While we recognize a mix shift toward video and Flash content makes it increasingly difficult to predict a growth outlook using only […]

Apple or Abu Dhabi? What's the difference?

Caroline McCarthy of CNET News notes Friday that Fox Business Network anchor Alexis Glick confused Apple with the United Arab Emirates state of Abu Dhabi when reporting who had taken an 8 percent stake in Advanced Micro Devices. McCarthy wrote, “‘There’s some news coming across the tape right now,’ Glick said on the live program. ‘We’re seeing […]

Real-time stock prices wanted

Reuters reports Tuesday that web sites such as Google and Yahoo! have joined together with business news organizations such as Bloomberg News and CNET Networks to attempt to receive real-time stock price information from the exchanges. Currently, they receive stock price information on a 15-minute delay. A Reuters story reported, “Google and Yahoo banded together […]

Biz journalism finalists for Online Journalism Awards

At least four online business journalism ventures in the past year are finalists for the Online Journalism Awards, which are given out by the Online News Association and the USC Annenberg School for Communication. Denver Post business columnist Al Lewis is a finalist in the Online Commentary category for medium-sized publications for his blog “Talk […]