Byrne vs. Greenberg, Round Three

The ongoing war of words between President Patrick Byrne and columnist Herb Greenberg continued this morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box show shortly after 8 a.m. EST. To set the scene, Greenberg was in the studio as a guest commentator, while Byrne was in a San Francisco studio. As for background, what’s been going […] and Cramer were also subpoenaed

Mad Money host Jim Cramer disclosed Monday night that he received a subpoena from the SEC in relation to its investigation into a hedge fund. Online financial news site, which Cramer helped found in the 1990s, also received a subpoena, according to an article on the Web site. The article noted: “Cramer, meanwhile, disclosed […]

Overstock's Patrick Byrne and financial journalists

The New York Times’ Joe Nocera wrote a column this weekend about the efforts of CEO Patrick Byrne to discredit financial journalists who write negatively about his company or who question the “naked short-selling conspirary” that he has espoused for the past year. Nocera’s column is part of Times Select, so I haven’t posted […]

CNBC piece on China is called "bad"

The Demagogue blog criticized Maria Bartiromo’s reporting on CNBC recently regarding a piece the business cable network ran about China. The blog stated, “Bartiromo had two guests discuss whether Google, Microsoft and other tech companies are wrong to placate China’s thought-control, totalitarian rulers. Both guests spouted the same message that these tech companies sounded during […]

Insana: Not pushed to leave CNBC

Ron Insana, the popular CNBC anchor whose departure from that slot was announced by parent NBC on Monday, told the New York Daily News that he was not pushed to leave as part of sweeping changes preparing the business cable network for increased competition from the new Fox business channel. Daily News business writer Phyllis […]

Biz media and Black Rock: Spurring negotiations

Yvette Kantrow, the executive editor of The Daily Deal, has some of the best insights into how the business media cover corporate America, particularly when it comes to deals. She recently dissected the coverage of Morgan Stanley’s aborted negotiations to acquire Black Rock. Kantrow believes that it was that coverage that led to Merrill Lynch […]

CNBC's Ron Insana to leave anchor desk

The cable network announced in a press release this morning that the well-liked Ron Insana will stop being an anchor and instead become a “senior analyst” at the business channel. The release states, “Insana will offer daily commentary on the biggest economic and business news stories. He will appear on the network’s signature morning broadcast, […]

Dallas Morning News profile of Jim Cramer

Mad Money host Jim Cramer was profiled by the Dallas Morning News this morning. The article notes: “Although he makes money for people, he is not without detractors. A former employee, Nicholas Maier, wrote a book that criticized Mr. Cramer for pumping up stocks by feeding rumors to CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo. He has denied those […]

CNBC rival to be launched by Fox by end of the year

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch plans to launch a CNBC rival by the end of the year, he tells Newsweek’s senior writer Johnnie Roberts in an exclusive interview. “We’re in pretty intense discussions with the biggest cable companies, and making quite considerable progress,” says Murdoch. “You can expect something fairly soon.” The interview can be […]

The media does a lousy job covering the economy

That’s the conclusion of CBS business correspondent Anthony Mason. Not surprisingly, Mason thinks that CBS has done a pretty good job at covering the economy. Mason made this general statement about media coverage of the economy: “Most Americans find economic news impenetrable and it’s our fault. For a long time, it’s been portrayed as an […]