Ranking of best critics of business journalism

Here is a list of the best critics today of business journalism. These rankings are based on my personal opinion from reading their writing for the past year. Feel free to argue. The point of these rankings is this: The field of business journalism needs to analyze itself so that it can get better. Without […]

CNBC boosting its sports biz coverage

Business news cable network CNBC is making an attempt to increase its coverage of the world of sports business with the hiring of ESPN.com sports business writer Darren Rovell, one of the best sports business journalists in the country. The hiring occurred about a month ago, and Rovell is now beginning to produce stories for […]

CNBC bucking trend of other cable networks

A story in Advertising Age posted on its web site Sunday noted that business news cable network CNBC is seeing an increase in advertising while many other cable networks have seen declines. The story also noted that CNBC was working on re-launching its Web site near the end of the year. The story stated, “Separately, […]

One of the most amazing performances ever on CNBC

New York Times business reporter David Leonhardt writes in Wednesday’s paper about what he called one of the “more amazing performances in the history of CNBC.” The performance was an interview that Maria Bartiromo did with Applied Micro Circuits leader Dave Rickey. Leonhardt wrote, “Within a few minutes, he was making his pitch. His company’s […]

Grading market commentators in the media

Harry Domash, who writes a business column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, has found a wonderful Web site that grades market commentators in the business media. It’s called COX Advisory. Domash wrote, “CXO tabulates the market forecasts of 31 major market commentators and posts them in its Guru Grades report. The report lists the total […]

Fuchs: Business press still doesn't have a good handle on Bernanke

The Street.com’s Marek Fuchs argues in his Saturday column that the business media still doesn’t know how to properly cover new Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, who took over for Alan Greenspan earlier this year. Fuchs wrote, “After all, as usual with the business media, (mis)perceptions have been swinging wildly between the two extremes. “In the […]

Forbes.com aims to overtake CNBC in viewers

Forbes.com CEO Jim Spanfeller told Beet TV that the web site’s video could overtake business news cable channel CNBC in total viewers. Spanfeller stated, “That’s one of our bulls eyes out there is the fine people at CNBC. The idea is, then again, they have a relatively limited reach. I mean, I think if you […]

CNBC and other business media about to embrace gold

Todd Stein and Steven McIntyre, editors of the Texas Hedge Report, argue in the latest issue that CNBC and other business media are about to embrace gold as an investment and devote more coverage to the metal. Stein & McIntyre write, “During the late 1990s, any market bear or commodities bull who dared to appear […]

When biz journalists go to Sun Valley

Business journalists have flocked to Sun Valley, Idaho to “cover” Allen & Co.’s annual investment conference, even though they aren’t allowed on the premises, noted the Idaho Mountain Express. Staff writer Greg Moore wrote, “This year, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, The Associated Press, Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC […]

GM CEO picks CNBC over Fox News to announce news

The News Hounds web site notes that embattled GM chief executive Rick Wagoner chose to appear on CNBC instead of Fox News earlier this week to make an announcement about the company. News Hounds wrote, “Fox News likes to brag about what a big name it is in business news, about its two-hour Cost of […]