Columnist slams CNBC coverage

Nashua Telegraph columnist Tony Paradiso took exception to CNBC’s coverage this past week of the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting a new high. Paradiso wrote, “With the exception of David Faber, the staff at CNBC can best be described as three-card Monte cons in suits. “Repeatedly, these financial four-flushers reinforced the legitimacy of the Dow […]

Insana to start money management business

The New York Post’s Roddy Boyd is reporting that former CNBC anchor Ron Insana is getting ready to launch his own money management operation called Insana Capital Partners. Boyd wrote, “The strategy of his latest venture, according to Institutional Investor Magazine’s Alternative Investment News, appears to be based on relationships he has developed with the […]

Arango to leave NY Post for Fortune

New York Post media writer Tim Arango will leave the newspaper for a writing job at Fortune magazine, according to a short item in Women’s Wear Daily.Stephanie Smith wrote, Fortune “managing editor Eric Pooley poached two staffers from The New York Times and the New York Post this week, proving that Portfolio’s Joanne Lipman is […]

Why press leaks are necessary

Marketwatch editor David Callaway wrote a column published Thursday about why leaks to the business press are so important. He cites as example No. 1 the growing scandal with Hewlett-Packard. Callaway wrote, “Huge amounts of money and resources are spent each year teaching executives how to go on CNBC and get maximum exposure while not […]

Bartiromo has a hard time balancing work and life

A brief in the New York Times on Sunday noted that CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo still has a hard time balancing her work life and her personal life. Bartiromo is the subject of a cover story in Success magazine on the issue. Reporter Jane Levere wrote, “‘I can’t say I have mastered that work-life balance […]

Overhaul on CNBC biz desk

The TV Newser blog on MediaBistro reported that there has been a number of changes in assignments on the CNBC business news desk in the wake of the departure of Glen Rochkind. TVNewser stated, “On Tuesday, Tyler Mathisen announced several ‘adjustments to the division of labor on the CNBC News Desk.’ Some of the changes […]

Fox Biz Channel will debut in 2007

On the heels of Fox hiring Alexis Glick from CNBC to be the No. 2 business news person behind Neil Cavuto comes a statement from parent News Corp. president Peter Chernin, who stated at an investor conference Tuesday that the Fox Business Channel would debut in early 2007. Media Daily News reported, “‘We just want […]

Fox News signs CNBC's Glick to be No. 2

CNBC personality Alexis Glick signed on as the No. 2 business executive behind Neil Cavuto at Fox News Channel on Tuesday, a move that suggests that Fox is preparing for the possible launch of its own business network, wrote AP television writer David Bauder. Bauder wrote, “Glick will help direct the network’s business coverage and […]

Shakeup imminent at CNBC?

TV Newser is reporting that Glen Rochkind, the vice president of business news at cable business news network CNBC, is apparently heading for the door. Rochkind had been in his position since May 2005. TV Newser wrote, “According to a tipster, ‘a shakeup in the upper managerial ranks of CNBC Business News could occur as […]

CNBC to start biz channel in Africa

Cable business news channel CNBC plans to start a business channel covering Africa that will be based on Johannesburg, according to a wire story Thursday. Called CNBC Africa and done in conjunction with Africa Business News, the channel will be the first regional business and financial TV news channel for sub-Saharan Africa, according to the […]