The pain from BusinessWeek media columnist Jon Friedman writes Tuesday about the pain being endured at McGraw-Hill from its ownership of struggling BusinessWeek. Friedman writes, “Sure, the McGraw-Hill weekly financial-news magazine and Web site have a strong reputation. But McGraw-Hill put them on the block a few weeks ago, in a sign that the profit-fixated company may eventually […]

Bidders emerge for BusinessWeek

Jon Fine of BusinessWeek writes Thursday that a handful of bidders have emerged to purchase the McGraw-Hill business glossy. Fine writes, “One company participating in that process is OpenGate Capital, the Los Angeles private equity firm that in October 2008 purchased TV Guide magazine (without its Web operations) for $1 plus the assumption of substantial […]

The looming biz magazine shakeout

Robert MacMillan of Reuters writes Tuesday about the impending shakeout among business magazines. MacMillan writes, “Business news publishers rubbed their hands in glee when the financial crisis grabbed headlines last fall, saying the meltdown would deliver a windfall blown in by widespread interest in their stories. “It did not turn out that way. Appetite for […]

When being right doesn't mean much

Former BusinessWeek investigative reporter Gary Weiss rants Tuesday about those who believe in the omnipotent power of the press to change society, noting that he wrote an article for the magazine in 1998 that railed against the excessive use of leverage — and accomplished nothing. Weiss writes, “Journalism is not as powerful as some poeple […]

Remembering Business Week's glory

Michael Johnson of American Spectator writes Tuesday about BusinessWeek‘s heyday, which he argues occurred under editor Lew Young. Johnson writes, “This was 1976-1981, a period when the magazine was a beacon of national and international business trends. Business Week was must-read material for executives who wanted their news in perspective. Washington political figures also followed […]

Assessing the potential sale of BW

Nat Ives of Advertising Age writes Monday about the pros and cons of buying BusinessWeek, which was put up for sale last week by parent McGraw-Hill. Ives writes, “Forbes and Fortune each rely on key franchises they can monetize a million different ways, such as the Forbes Global 200 list of the biggest companies and […]

The changes in working conditions

Stephen Baker, a senior writer at BusinessWeek, writes how the magazine put him in a bureau when he was hired in Mexico City and gave him more salary than he asked for. That will likely change if the magazine is sold. Baker writes, “Looking back, I understand that it seemed vital for BusinessWeek’s stature at […]

The reasons behind BusinessWeek's ails

Belinda Luscombe of Time magazine takes a look at the business journalism sector in the wake of the announcement this week that BusinessWeek was for sale. Luscombe writes, “Moreover, it’s highly likely that McGraw-Hill, unlike Forbes or Time Inc., does not see running a consumer magazine as a core business. What McGraw-Hill does best is […]

McGraw-Hill making big mistake by trying to sell BusinessWeek

Diane Mermigas writes on why she thinks that McGraw-Hill should hold onto BusinessWeek magazine instead of trying to sell it. Mermigas writes, “It’s trying to sell BusinessWeek as a cohesive branded entity that should command a premium price based on posterity, when in fact its content is the real prize. But selectively packaging and […]

A BusinessWeek staffer offers his advice on fixing the magazine

Stephen Baker, a senior writer at BusinessWeek, offers some suggestions on how to improve the magazine now that it’s for sale, noting that he spent the bulk of his time this week on the “final 5 percent” — or tweaking and polishing an article right before it goes to print. Baker writes, “The  future (or […]