Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired are finalists for National Magazine Awards

Both Bloomberg Businessweek and Wired magazine are finalists in multiple categories for the National Magazine Awards. Inc. was the only other business-related magazine named a finalist — in the special-interest magazine category. Bloomberg Businessweek is a finalist in the general excellence category, along with GQ, New York, The New Yorker and Vice. It is also […]

Taking boring subjects and making them appealing at Businessweek

Joe Pompeo of Capital New York writes Friday about how Bloomberg Businessweek has overhauled its look and its content to make what some believe is boring content more interesting. Pompeo writes, “They set the place up so that art directors would be sitting next to editors would be sitting next to photo editors and so […]

Biz journalist Greising joins Chicago business advocacy group

David Greising, a former business columnist at the Chicago Tribune and reporter for BusinessWeek, is joining Economic Business Chicago, an economic development arm of the city, reports Shia Kapos of Crain’s Chicago Business. Kapos writes, “Mr. Greising, 52, is known for his ability to make complicated business jargon sound like prose — and for his […]

Bloomberg Businessweek hires Time journalist

Claire Suddath, who was an arts and culture writer for Time magazine, has been hired by Bloomberg Businessweek, a magazine spokeswoman confirmed late Friday night. Suddath started at the magazine this week. Suddath, who grew up in Chicago, graduated from Vanderbilt University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Claire had been at Time for […]

Bloomberg Businessweek releases special travel issue

Bloomberg Businessweek, which last year had a sports business special edition, will release a travel special issue this weekend. The issue will include articles about the business traveler, how a Lufthansa flight between San Francisco to Bangalore, India, has been sold out for 11 consecutive years, conventions in Las Vegas, preferred customer programs and concierge […]

Bloomberg Businessweek preparing iPhone app

Bloomberg is set to launch an iPhone app for Bloomberg Businessweek within the next few weeks as it looks to expand its global reach, reports Lucy Tesseras of New Media Age. Tesseras writes, “New media age has seen a sneak preview of the new app, which mirrors the look and functionality of the Bloomberg Businessweek […] launches redesign

Lucia Moses of Adweek writes about the redesign of Bloomberg, which she says has more dominate photos on the home page, and there are bright color-coded section tabs. Moses writes, “In terms of the content, there will be more analysis and offbeat stories, like a recent article on an odd new combination tablet-smartphone with […]

Is the latest Businessweek cover smart of sophomoric?

Former BusinessWeek chief of correspondents Joe Weber, now a University of Nebraska journalism professor, writes about the latest cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, which features two airplanes apparently fornicating, by asking his students what they thought about it. Weber writes, “Another concurred, adding a thought about the cover language. ‘If the title was about a merger, […]

Inside the design process at Bloomberg Businessweek

Adam Clark Estes of The Atlantic talked to Bloomberg Businessweek creative director Richard Turley about how the magazine’s cover is designed each week. Here is an excerpt: Let’s be honest. Bloomberg Businessweek‘s gotten suprisingly edgy lately. What’s up with that? It’s funny because I don’t think we are. Everyone takes covers, interprets covers in a […]

Jack and Suzy Welch to write column for Reuters, Fortune

Jack and Suzy Welch, who previously wrote a management column for BusinessWeek, will now write a column for Reuters. Jack Welch is the former CEO of General Electric, and Suzy Welch is the former editor of the Harvard Business Review. At Reuters, they will be reunited with editor in chief Stephen Adler, who ran BusinessWeek […]