The intersection of political and business reporting gains prominence

Media outlets are covering more stories that discuss the intersection of politics and business because of the financial crisis that the country experienced in 2008 and 2009, said Joshua Green, a senior national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek, on Tuesday. “Government is at the heart of global and U.S. financial health,” said Green. “My job is […]

Bloomberg Businessweek to publish Czech edition

Bloomberg LP announced plans Wednesday to publish Bloomberg Businessweek Česko, a Czech-language edition of the magazine starting in late November. Under terms of the publishing agreement, Smart Connections will also produce a Czech-language edition of Bloomberg Pursuits, Bloomberg’s award-winning global luxury lifestyle magazine. “Our partnership with Smart Connections further demonstrates Bloomberg’s global reach and continued […]

Bloomberg Businessweek names new photo director

Bloomberg Businessweek editor in chief Josh Tyrangiel sent out the following note to the staff on Tuesday: We have photographic white smoke: Clinton Cargill will be joining Bloomberg Businesswek as our new Director of Photography on October 13. Clinton has been a photo editor at The New York Times Magazine since 2006, producing amazing images […]

Bloomberg Businessweek cover is subversive genius

John Brownlee of Fast Company examines the thinking behind Bloomberg Businessweek‘s last cover of Apple CEO Tim Cook. Brownlee writes, “This isn’t the first Businessweek cover that has made Tim Cook look like an idiot. Just last year, Businessweek put Cook on the cover with the tagline ‘What Us Worry?’, drawing a parallel between the […]

Tyrangiel to head Bloomberg consumer editorial

Bloomberg Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangiel has been promoted at Bloomberg L.P., where he’s been working closely on a revamp of the company’s consumer media division, reports Joe Pompeo of Capital New York. Pompeo writes, “Bloomberg Media Group chief executive Justin Smith announced in an internal memo this morning that Tyrangiel ‘is being elevated to oversee all content […]

Bloomberg Business to replace

Dean Starkman of the Columbia Journalism Review writes Thursday that one of the changes being planned at Bloomberg’s media operations is to rename the Bloomberg Businessweek website to just Bloomberg Business. Starkman writes, “The strategy was not widely shared internally, though some elements have leaked. According to people with knowledge of the strategy, it has […]

Bloomberg’s Smith: Content will still go on terminal first

Joe Pompeo of Capital New York got a partial transcript from a town hall meeting last week at Bloomberg led by Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith and Bloomberg Businessweek editor in chief Josh Tyrangiel where the two discussed the company’s future. Here is an excerpt: “First of all, what’s crystal clear to all of us […]

Bloomberg names Bremner ME for enterprise in Asia

Brian Bremner, currently assistant managing editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, will become managing editor for enterprise for Bloomberg News in Asia. In his new role, Bremner will work with the beat reporting teams to develop stories out of this dynamic region that will run on the terminal, in Businessweek and on the web. At Businessweek, Bremner was […]

Bloomberg Businessweek hires two new political reporters

Bloomberg Businessweek announced Tuesday that Allison Hoffman and Josh Eidelson will be joining the magazine this month. Both will be based in Washington, D.C. Allison Hoffman will be an associate editor, editing and writing stories for the magazine’s Politics & Policy section and for She will start on June 16. Hoffman comes to Bloomberg […]

Bloomberg Businessweek names new creative director

Bloomberg Businessweek editor in chief Josh Tyrangiel sent out the following announcement on Tuesday: Effective immediately, Rob Vargas is the new creative director of Bloomberg Businessweek and Tracy Ma is our new deputy creative director. Ok, so they’re not technically ‘new.’ Rob is a founding member of the Bloomberg Businessweek design team and is already […]