Industry Dive will reach $100 million in revenue in 2022

Business news newsletter publisher Industry Dive is on pace to generate between $105 and $110 million in revenue this year, reports Mark Stenberg of Adweek. Stenberg writes, “The publisher has a network of 53 business-centric newsletters serving 22 different industries. They reach 2.5 million free subscribers through its mix of 25 daily and 28 weekly email products, […]

What’s behind LinkedIn’s editorial strategy

Lauren Johnson of Insider examines LinkedIn’s content strategy. Johnson writes, “LinkedIn’s journalists focus on five topics: Technology, healthcare, finance, small business, and frontline workers. At the center of the company’s editorial growth is a product called Daily Rundown that breaks down daily news topics and shows what people are saying about them. LinkedIn says that Daily […]

Seeking Alpha to end third-party ads on site

Investing advice site said Wednesday that it will stop running third-party advertising on its website. Advertising was 70 percent of its revenue at the end of 2019 and is still about 25 percent of its revenue, said CEO David Jackson. But Seeking Alpha grew its annual recurring revenue from subscriptions by 169 percent in […]

Business in Vancouver shifting website content, printed newspaper

Kirk LaPointe, the publisher and editor in chief at Business in Vancouver, writes about upcoming changes to the publication. LaPointe writes, “In the weeks ahead we will remake our website to a more efficient platform that will be easier to read and more effective in serving your needs through mobile and personal online search. […]

HBR’s Ignatius talks about his career and the publication’s mission

Adi Ignatius, editor in chief of the Harvard Business Review, talked with Toby Usnik on the latest episode of “The Caring Economy.” Ignatius said he got into journalism after becoming interested in China. He worked at The Wall Street Journal in China as Beijing bureau chief. “HBR is a niche publication with a much smaller […]

ACBJ’s Inno launching subscription product

American City Business Journals is launching a subscription product called Inno+ for its American Inno subsidiary that covers entrepreneurs and innovators. A story on Inno websites states,. “To continue to be the best source for local innovation, Wisconsin Inno is transitioning to a subscription model called Inno+, which will cost $5/month and grant you access to everything […]

Bloomberg Media hits 350K subscribers, $100M in revenue

Bloomberg Media now has 350,000 subscribers and $100 million in revenue, reports William Turvill of the Press Gazette. Turvill writes, “‘This year, 2021, is by far and away the best year in our history,’ says Justin B Smith, who joined Bloomberg from Atlantic Media Group in 2013. “‘The truth is, everyone’s doing well this year. There’s been […]

How Industry Dive grew into an $80 million business

William Turvill of the Press Gazette profiles Industry Dive and interviewed its founder, CEO Sean Griffey, about its growth. Turvill writes, “Of course, time and patience weren’t all that was required to establish Industry Dive’s titles across numerous sectors. “When the company started out, Griffey says he and his team focused on creating websites that would […]

How virtual events has paid off for TechCrunch

Mark Stenberg of Adweek writes about how going to virtual events for all of 2021 has paid off for tech news site TechCrunch. Stenberg writes, “The Yahoo-owned publisher is on track to record its best year of revenue in company history, an achievement in which its lucrative events business played a sizable role, said Joey Hinson, […]

Media company Stacker providing biz news stories and data to newspapers

A data-driven media company called Stacker is offering a localized wire service that provides business news content to news organizations around the country. News outlets have relied on syndicated partner content to augment original reporting, fill coverage gaps, and keep audiences engaged. Traditional wire services such as The Associated Press, Reuters, and Tribune Content Agency […]