Washington Post to start new tech blog

The Washington Post announced Monday it will launch a new blog called ‘The Switch’ on July 29 which will focus on technology policy and feature in-depth news, analysis and insight on issues like NSA surveillance, patent trolls and broadband networks. Post tech writer Tim Lee will anchor the blog with support from new hires Andrea Peterson and […]

Tech blogs needs to become more like industry pubs

Kevin Roose of New York magazine writes Thursday that tech blogs should become more like industry trade publications. Roose writes, “Here’s a proposal that could save both sides of this fight a lot of grief: Instead of trying to shame tech blogs into covering Silicon Valley more critically, let’s stop holding them to the standards […]

A financial blogger who makes money

Geoff Williams of US News & World Report writes Thursday about bloggers who are making money, and one of his examples is Brad Thomas, who blogs about real estate investment trusts, or REITS, for Seeking Alpha and other sites, including his own, www.theintelligentreitinvestor.com. Williams writes, “And some people visit a blog to  learn more about […]

NYT public editor examines “You’re the Boss” blogger ethics

Margaret Sullivan, the public editor of the New York Times, looked into allegations by a public relations professional that a blogger for the paper’s “You’re the Boss” blog was asking to be reimbursed for coverage of companies. She interviewed the paper’s small business editor, Loren Feldman. Sullivan writes, “Mr. Feldman, who came to The Times from […]

NYT blogger was not seeking money for articles

Gawker on Monday published an article that accused New York Times “You’re the Boss” blogger Cliff Oxford of asking for money from companies in return for coverage on the small business blog. The Times examined the allegations and found that the claims were without merit. Its statement: Editors have reviewed this situation in detail with […]

Ex-Houston columnist begins Forbes blog on energy

Loren Steffy, who left the Houston Chronicle last month after nine years as its business columnist, has started a blog about energy on Forbes.com. Steffy writes, “First, a little bit about me. I spent nine years as the business columnist for the Houston Chronicle, and when you cover business in the world’s energy capital, you […]

Bloomberg launches personal finance blog

Bloomberg.com has started a personal finance blog called Ventured & Gained. “We’re doing this following the success of our personal finance channel,” said Suzanne Woolley, who is overseeing the blog. “We believe we can weigh in in a lively and insightful way to all manner of issues confronting Americans’ personal balance sheets. We have an […]

Some serious love for WSJ’s MoneyBeat

Joshua Brown of The Reformed Broker has praise for The Wall Street Journal’s new blog called MoneyBeat. Brown writes, “In an era when everyone in financial media  is spreading out their resources and chasing new verticals for pageviews on a quest to gain “traction” among this or that ancillary audience, the Wall Street Journal has […]

Ex-Marketwatch columnist Friedman has new job

Jon Friedman, the media columnist for Marketwatch.com who was among the layoffs earlier this year, has found a new job. Friedman tells Talking Biz News that he has created and launched the Media Matrix blog for Indiewire.com. “This blog will be an informative, provocative and (I hope) irreverent look at the blessed media establishment,” said […]

WSJ starts MoneyBeat blog

The Wall Street Journal announced Tuesday the launch of MoneyBeat, a new blog dedicated to global finance, markets, and mergers and acquisitions. Drawing from the Journal’s global pool of reporting, MoneyBeat explains, critiques and analyzes trends and news stories in finance, markets and deal-making. The new blog brings together six of the Journal’s most widely […]