Anonymous sources, Trish Regan and business journalism

Felix Salmon of Reuters writes Monday about Bloomberg Television’s Trish Regan and her interview with Seeking Alpha CEO David Siegel where she was critical of his company’s refusal to disclose the name of an anonymous writer who had disclosed an investment by hedge fund manager David Einhorn. Salmon writes, “Let’s say that the blogger in […]

A hedge fund goes after a blogger

Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times writes about hedge fund manager David Einhorn’s attempts to find out the name of a Seeking Alpha blogger who disclosed one of his investments. Sorkin writes, “The case could be a watershed for both the reporting of financial news using anonymous sources, and perhaps more important, the […]

Covering the cybersecurity beat

Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times profiles Brian Krebs, a former Washington Post tech reporter whose Krebs on Security blog is the leader in covering cybersecurity. Perlroth writes, “Mr. Krebs, 41, tries to write pieces that cannot be found elsewhere. His widely read cybersecurity blog, Krebs on Security, covers a particularly dark corner of […]

How financial bloggers provide help to investors

Barry Ritholtz of Bloomberg View writes about why financial bloggers are a positive force in providing information to investors. Ritholtz writes, “Go back in time a decade or so, and we all got our financial news from only a handful of sources. The mainstream papers and magazines dutifully reported what companies said, government agencies reported […]

Reuters launches Equals blog

The Reuters financial news service has launched a blog called Equals that focuses on  gender equality and the role women play in the economy. In a post on the blog, journalist Shane Ferro writes: We’ll be tackling subjects like education, workplace performance, competitiveness, pay, and leadership. The topics will encompass virtually any subject that relates to […]

The new Valleywag has been a disappointment

Farhad Manjoo of Slate writes that he has been disappointed with what he has seen in the new Valleywag tech news site. Manjoo writes, “I was excited when I heard, earlier this year, that Gawker Media was resurrecting Valleywag, which it founded in 2005 and later shut down. Valleywag is necessary. The tech industry is […]

All Things D nearing split with Dow Jones & Co.

J.P. Mangalindan and Dan Primack of Fortune are reporting that tech news site All Things D could soon be leaving the Dow Jones & Co. family of financial news products. Mangalindan and Primack write, “Since then, Fortune has learned that AllThingsD is working with investment bank Code Advisors to find outside investors at an enterprise […]

A blogger takes aim at Silicon Valley

Nick Bilton of the New York Times writes about Sam Biddle, who is overseeing a revived Valleywag website that covers Silicon Valley with a large dose of snark. Bilton writes, “Mr. Biddle has another favorite target: other writers who cover the tech industry. “He has gone to great lengths to ruffle Sarah Lacy, a former […]

New Yorker launches business blog called Currency

Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke of The New York Observer writes about Currency, the new business blog launched Thursday by the New Yorker. Bloomgarden-Smoke writes, “The blog is part of The Business Pages the magazine’s digital business section that launched in February. “The blog has lined up New Yorker writers John Cassidy, James Surowiecki, Tad Friend, Ken Auletta, Dana Goodyear, Connie Bruck, […]

Best places for biz news, according to Wired

Wired magazine has posted a list of ots top 15 places to get business and financial news. Here are some of them:   Marginal Revolution Blog Those who call economics “the dismal science” have never heard it offered up by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. Together the two George Mason University professors take a daily […]