Raleigh paper launches biz blog

The (Raleigh) News & Observer has launched a new blog called .Biz for its business news department. A short item in Wednesday’s paper states, “A blog compiled by The News & Observer’s Business reporters and editors, .Biz, features the latest news plus the inside scoop on deals and personalities that make this region’s industries and companies […]

Site launched to follow accounting industry

Breaking Media, publisher of business-to-business blogs Above The Law, Dealbreaker and Fashionista, is taking on the accounting and business finance industries, launching Going Concern. The new site will follow the “Big Four,” smaller accounting firms, and CFOs at major companies, with updates multiple times a day, providing news and insider analysis of the culture, people […]

Time for CNBC's Kneale to ignore bloggers

Jonathan Berr writes on DailyFinance.com that CNBC media and technology editor Dennis Kneale needs to develop a thick skin and start ignoring criticism of his work by bloggers. Berr writes, “The commentator is like those starlets in Hollywood who complain about the paparazzi until no one cares enough to follow them. Blogs are only savaging Kneale because […]

Fortune launches new tech site

Fortune launched Thursday a new technology site, Brainstorm Tech, offering reporting, commentary and in-depth stories on the latest technology news and trends from the magazine’s technology team. Contributors will include Stephanie Mehta, Jon Fortt, Adam Lashinsky, Jessi Hempel, Michael Copeland and Jeffrey O’Brien, among others. Brainstorm Tech hopes to combine the Fortime brand with a marketplace of smart ideas fueled […]

Why Reuters shouldn't purchase Breakingviews.com

Felix Salmon of Reuters has an interesting analysis of why his shop shouldn’t purchase financial news and analysis site Breakingviews.com. Salmon writes, “To Reuters, then, the value of Breakingviews can be broken down into three parts. There’s the value of its contracts; the value of its brand; and the value of its journalists. The contracts […]

CNBC's Kneale attacks blogs

CNBC’s Dennis Kneale has had it with financial bloggers criticizing his work on the cable news network, and he fired back on Tuesday night. Gawker’s Ryan Tate reports, “The CNBC Reports host clearly wanted to push back at the ‘cowardly’ critics, and a CNBC segment about his feud gave him the chance to call his […]

CNBC.com launches Faber blog

CNBC.com launched Monday The Faber Report, a blog by David Faber with both original reporting and his unique perspective on the most important stories of the day. “David is one of the most well-respected business reporters in the country,” said Allen Wastler, managing editor of CNBC.com, in a statement. “Our blogs are a fast-growing area of our […]

Fake Steve Jobs returns

Jane Wells of CNBC reports that Newsweek’s Dan Lyons has resumed writing his “Fake Steve Jobs” blog in the past week, shortly before news broke that the Apple CEO had a liver transplant in Tennessee. Lyons had killed the blog last year. Wells writes, “By Saturday, news of the transplant was out, and Fake Steve […]

24/7 Wall St. launches new site, plans others

24/7 Wall St. has launched a site that will focus on news about Apple, writes editor in chief Doug McIntyre. McIntyre writes, “24/7 Wall St. is pleased to announce the launch of the public beta version of  AppleFinancialNews.com (AAPL), the first in a seriesof websites with news and opinion about America’s premier companies gathered from hundreds of sites […]

NYT launches small business blog

The New York Times has launched a blog about small business and entrepreneurship called “You’re the Boss.” Small business editor Loren Feldman writes, “One of the guiding thoughts behind this blog is that unlike doctors and lawyers and a lot of other professionals, business owners rarely get any training. Nor do they have a lot […]