Why would writer give SeekingAlpha their content exclusively?

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon, whose content also appears on SeekingAlpha.com, doesn’t understand why anyone would give the site their content exclusively under its new pay plan. Salmon writes, “This is reminiscent of the evil goings-on at Forbes. I can easily imagine that Forbes magazine, or Forbes.com, or any number of other media outlets, might be […]

SeekingAlpha.com to begin paying writers

Joseph Tartakoff of PaidContent.org writes that SeekingAlpha.com will begin paying its contributors. Tartakoff writes, “Founder David Jackson tells us Seeking Alpha is changing its business model in order to establish itself as a destination where people interested in finance can go to earn money. ‘If we can create a platform that puts a lot of […]

Freakonomics leaving NYTimes site

Jeff Bercovici of Forbes.com reports that the popular Freakonomics blog is leaving the New York Times online business page next month for its own site. Bercovici writes, “Chad Troutwine, producer of the ‘Freakonomics’ documentary released last fall, recently sent around an email soliciting candidates for an ‘editor and media strategist’ to run the new site, […]

Loeb Awards adds two new categories

The Gerald Loeb Awards, considered the Pulitzer Prizes of business journalism, will include to new categories — online enterprise and blogging — for 2011. In addition, the awards have replaced its “feature writing” category with one called “explanatory.” The call for entries begins Monday and continues until the end of January. The online enterprise category […]

Forbes wants to resell content it got for free

Erik Sherman of BNET reports that Forbes.com is taking free content from bloggers and wants to resell it in other formats. Sherman writes, “In other words, Forbes can take any free blog material and use it in any of its magazines or give permission to any other publisher that has licensed the Forbes name. It […]

Feud continues between Salmon and Gasparino

Alex Schiff of Benzinga reports that the comments made by Fox Business Network‘s Charles Gasparino that he was not given a chance to respond to a post by Reuters blogger Felix Salmon before it was posted has been met with a reply by Salmon. Schiff writes, “As I had done the interview with Charlie and […]

Kedrosky begins blog for Bloomberg

Paul Kedrosky, the technology and finance analyst, venture capitalist and author of the blog Infectious Greed, has officially begun blogging on Bloomberg.com. Kedrosky’s commentary on finance, business, current affairs and science will appear on the blog. In addition, Kedrosky will make appearances on Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Radio and write for Bloomberg Businessweek. “Paul has […]

The FT has become hostile to bloggers

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon doesn’t like the new warning that appears when someone copies text from a Financial Times article to use on a blog or other online venue. Salmon writes, “Hilariously, even the FT’s own journalists are falling foul of this idiocy: on Thursday, in his Markets Live conversation, Neil Hume wound up pasting […]

NBC unit launches work and finance beta site

A division of NBC has rolled out a beta site called WorkGoesStrong.com that offer finance and work advice aimed at people between the ages of 45 and 64. The site is a sister to similar Web portals being operated by Digital Works@NBCU, a division of iVillage Networks. The umbrella site, LifeGoesStrong.com, was launched in May […]

Briefing.com settles case with Dow Jones & Co.

Briefing.com paid a “substantial amount” and admitted liability to settle a lawsuit involving the unauthorized republication of news headlines and articles from Dow Jones & Co., the parent of The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch.com, according to a Dow Jones statement released Monday. In settling the lawsuit, Briefing.com admitted that copying and republishing portions […]