Barron's profile of Home Depot CEO falls into old trap of biz journalism’s Marek Fuchs critiques the profile of new Home Depot CEO Frank Blake in the latest issue of Barron’s and comes away with the impression that it’s a story that would have been right at home in the 1990s, when business journalists were making rock stars out of CEOs. Fuchs wrote, “If you ever read […]

Dow Jones workers in Jersey City vote to join union

Employees of Dow Jones & Co., the parent company of The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch and Dow Jones Newswires, in Jersey City have voted to join the union that already represents hundreds of business journalists at the company. Among the Dow Jones operations with employees in Jersey City are Dow Jones Newsletters and Dow […]

Dow Jones Newswires editors to lead new editorial team

Dow Jones Newswires assistant managing editor Robert McGough and news editor Pat Sullivan will lead the newly formed editorial team for Dow Jones Wealth Manager, a new news service from the company, according to a release. Dow Jones Wealth Manager maps news from Dow Jones and other leading sources to client-specific investments and professional and […]

Dow Jones management to union: Contract ends in early April

The union representing business journalists at The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch has sent an e-mail to its members noting that Dow Jones management has decided not to extend its contract while they are negotiating on a new one. The old contract expired Feb. 1 but was extended 60 days. The union offered to […]

Big increases in Dow Jones compensation packages

The top executives at Dow Jones & Co., the parent of The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch, had a good year financially in terms of executive compensation, according to the company’s proxy statement, filed Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. CEO Richard Zannino receved total compensation of $4.16 million, up from the $2 […]

Dow Jones, union back at bargaining table

Dow Jones & Co. negotiators and the union that represents business journalists at The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch are back at the bargaining table on a new contract Tuesday. Wall Street Journal reporter Jim Browning, who is chair of the union’s bargaining committee, posted his opening comments on the union’s web site. In […]

Barron's cover story missed the boat’s Marek Fuchs has plenty of issues with this weekend’s cover story in Barron’s on Harvard professor Niall Ferguson — primarily the premise of the entire thing. Fuchs wrote, “As Ferguson sees it, the news pages are filled with bad news and the business pages with good. This comes right after news pages spent two […]

Ad revenue down at WSJ in February

Advertising revenue at the Wall Street Journal fell by 10 percent in February, while ad revenue at sister paper Barron’s was up slightly, according to parent company Dow Jones on Thursday. The release stated, “Advertising revenue at The Wall Street Journal decreased 10.0% in February on a 6.6% decrease in advertising volume, due to declines […]

Dow Jones launches news feed for traders

Dow Jones & Co., the parent of the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch, is launching a new elementized news feed that will deliver computer-readable news directly into quantitative analysis models and automated trading programs. In other words, stock and bond traders will be able to make trades almost instantly based on news stories. A […]

When biz magazines forecast the market columnist Gary Weiss writes on his blog about the absurdity of business magazines Barron’s and BusinessWeek — where Weiss used to work — attempting to forecast where the market is going. Weiss wrote, “Even though I had two excellent editors, both doctors of economics, to guide my prose, I simply felt that I was […]