Apple News editor Tanz departs for EIC post at Lyft

Jason Tanz, special projects editor at Apple News, has left to join Lyft as editor-in-chief. In his new role, Tanz will be build a new journalism team while covering a range of topics. Tanz worked at Wired for 11 years as New York editor, executive editor, editor-at-large and site director. He was also a senior […]

Apple launches news partner program

The following excerpt announcement was sent out by Apple: Apple today introduced the News Partner Program, a new slate of initiatives to expand Apple’s work with and support for journalism. The News Partner Program aims to ensure Apple News® customers maintain access to trusted news and information from many of the world’s top publishers, while […]

NY Magazine, Apple to collaborate on journalism project

The New York Magazine and Apple are working together on a journalism project related to the Apple News platform, as per reports. The partnership between the tech company and the publication was revealed in a WWD interview with editor David Haskell. He said: “We’re working with Apple right now on a journalism project together and […]

NY Times to opt out of Apple News

The New York Times will be opting out of Apple News. New York Times COO Meredith Levien said, “It’s time to re-examine all of our relationships with the big platforms. And we’re reexamining them on three axes that are all interrelated, but different with each of the players.” Levien focuses on three of the following […]

Google to launch news service licensing “high-quality” journalism

Google has announced that it will be launching a rival news service to Apple News, reports Business Insider. The new news service, would allow Google to curate and license a number of articles from news partners and the company has already signed deals with a number of publishers in Germany, Brazil, and Australia. This will […]