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WSJ, Businessweek among Deadline Club 2022 winners

May 13, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

The following business journalism coverage were named winners Thursday night during the Deadline Club Awards:

Reporting by Independent Digital Media

Emmanuel Martinez, Lauren Kirchner and Malena Carollo, The Markup, “Denied”

“Fantastic work. This detailed reporting pieced together a powerful narrative despite challenging data sources. It highlights a critical issue of vast disparities among home loan borrowers despite government systems set up to prevent them.”

Magazine Investigative Reporting

Olivia Carville, Bloomberg Businessweek, “Airbnb’s Nightmare”

“Olivia Carville’s compelling investigation into Airbnb revealed the existence and operations of its secretive ‘Black Box’ internal team that handles crimes and safety incidents, including sexual assaults. The time, effort and enterprise involved in reporting was impressive, and the stories had a positive impact, as Airbnb changed its terms of service to give victims the right to sue.”

Arts Reporting

Kelly Crow, The Wall Street Journal, “NFTs Crash Into the Art World”

“Crow does a fantastic job of covering this brand-new technology and art form in a fascinating and, importantly, fair way. Many mainstream publications get crypto coverage wrong, but by coming at it from an art reporting perspective, Crow brings the reader in and asks important questions about what will happen next. Great work!”

Business Feature

David Herbert, Bloomberg Businessweek, “The Epic Family Feud Behind an Iconic American Weight-Loss Camp for Kids”

“This story shows how deep reporting to recreate events and conversations from decades past can turn a narrow focus on one place—a camp for overweight kidsؙ—into an entertaining, compelling tale that grips the reader from start to end. The details from dozens of interviews were telling and touching, and the writing vivid and engaging throughout. Well done.”

Business Investigative Reporting

Pandora Papers Reporting Team, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, The Washington Post and Nearly 150 Other Media Partners Around the World, “Pandora Papers”

“A sweeping worldwide look at corruption among the rich and powerful. Great use of documents and sources. And impressive marshaling of journalistic resources across multiple nations and organizations.”

Public Service Award

Jeff Horwitz and Staff, The Wall Street Journal, “The Facebook Files”

“The “Facebook Files” is a dazzling 10-reporter, 17-story package built on extensive original interviewing and research, and an archeological-grade probe of internal Facebook documents, including internal studies, online employee discussions and drafts of presentations to senior management. The Wall Street Journal’s coverage did not just force Facebook to change its core business practices. It also goaded governments and individuals worldwide to reexamine society’s relationship with technology itself and the power and pervasiveness of social media.”

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