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Reuters names 10 summer 2024 interns

June 12, 2024

Posted by Chris Roush

Reuters editor-in-chief Alessandra Galloni and editor of newsroom diversity Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams shared the following message with Reuters colleagues about the 2024 interns joining the newsroom:


I am delighted to introduce our 2024 Reuters News Interns. This year, we welcome a talented and diverse group, including:

  • Kent Edwards
  • Tiana McGee
  • Mina Kim
  • Kaylee Kang
  • Raymon Troncoso
  • Lelethu Madikane
  • Ainnie Arif
  • Allende Miglietta (recipient of the Reuters-NABJ Scholarship)
  • Liya Cui (recipient of the Reuters Journalism Scholarship)
  • Makailah Gause (recipient of the Reuters Journalism Scholarship)

Our interns will be based in various locations, including London, Delhi, Johannesburg, New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

This cohort is unique to previous years, as the interns will work across departments including Text, Video, Pictures, Data, News Applications and Live Pages.

Below are their bios, providing a glimpse into their backgrounds and career aspirations.

Please join me in warmly welcoming them to our newsroom and supporting them as they embark on their journey with us.


Liya Cui

Liya is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and moved to New York about eight years ago. She is currently a student at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, where she focuses on health, art, culture, and hyper-local reporting. Eager to gain real newsroom experience during her internship, Liya is excited to collaborate closely with reporters and editors.   In the next five years, Liya aspires to become an editor and hopes to craft the kind of long-form, deeply reported pieces she currently admires. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and taking long walks around Prospect Park.

Liya is a recipient of the Reuters Journalism Scholarship and will be working with Paul Thomasch on the National Affairs team in New York.

Makailah Gause

Makailah A. Gause graduated Magna Cum Laude from Howard University in 2023 with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Community Development. As a Reuters intern, she aims to hone her written storytelling skills to create clear and compelling narratives that bring attention to socioeconomic disparities. This summer, she looks forward to publishing her first article for Reuters and expanding her network of reporters and editors. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and trying new workout classes on Class Pass. In five years, Makailah hopes to be deeply immersed in business journalism, financial literacy and equality.

She is a recipient of the Reuters Journalism Scholarship and will be working with Lananh Nguyen on the U.S Finance team in New York.

Allende Miglietta

Allende sees herself as a creative who enjoys learning. A Chicago native, she recently graduated from Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism with a Masters degree in Editorial Journalism. Her reporting topics cover criminal justice, education, mental health, public housing and sports. Allende’s previous partnerships with news organisations include the Daily Illini and Invisible Institute. Newsroom collaboration and real-world application are a couple of things she is looking forward to during her Reuters internship. Allende is passionate about journalism where social change is at the forefront and in five years’ time hopes to continue being a conduit, conveying and amplifying misrepresented voices that lack recognition.

Allende is the recipient of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism Reuters-NABJ Scholarship and will be working with Kat Stafford on the Race and Justice Team and Scott Malone on the U.S Politics team in Washington D.C.

Kent Edwards

Kent J. Edwards, a 21-year-old self-taught photojournalist from Bowie, MD, started on his photography journey in August 2018. Initially drawn to photography as a means to earn extra income during winter and fulfil a school credit, Kent’s passion was ignited the moment he held his first camera. The seamless connection he felt with the camera sparked a deep love for photography, driving his passion to learn and grow in the craft.   In his spare time, Kent enjoys attending sporting events, comedy shows, exploring new foods, and roller skating. Excited about the prospect of collaborating with the Reuters news team to capture unique stories about the region. Kent’s goal is to enhance his skills and secure a job that brings him joy in the next five years.

Kent will be working with Corinne Perkins on the Photos team in New York.

Tiana McGee

Tiana is an actor-turned-journalist who is passionate about all things arts and culture. In the first semester of her master’s program, she discovered a love for coding and data, and ideally, five years from now, she’ll be doing something that melds both worlds within a newsroom.   In addition to her career goals, Tiana dreams of exploring more of the world, with Paris and Greece topping her travel bucket list. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Stardew Valley and honing her skills in crocheting.  During her internship she is looking forward to being in a real newsroom and soaking up all the knowledge and new skills she can.

Tiana will be working with Ben Welsh on the News Applications team in New York.

Mina Kim

Mina recently finished her studies in Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol, which included a year abroad in Seoul at Korea University. Passionate about photography, she enjoys capturing moments that can tell a story. During her internship at Reuters, she is excited to merge her interests in photography and writing, learn from seasoned journalists, and gain hands-on experience.   Looking ahead, Mina dreams of working as a frontline photojournalist, documenting significant events and stories globally.

Mina will be working with Suzanne Plunkett on the Photos team in the UK Bureau and Stephen Farrell on the Live Pages team in London.

Lelethu Madikane

Lelethu Madikane describes herself as an aspiring journalist with a passion for storytelling. She is keen about unearthing the truth behind complex stories and likes to keep up with current news affairs. With a passion for in-depth reporting, she prides herself of having a sharp eye for detail. At Reuters, Lelethu is focused on honing her skills as a visual journalist to effectively capture a story through powerful imagery.   Over the next five years, Lelethu’s goal is to establish herself as a respected reporter, covering impactful stories and leaving a lasting impression through her journalism.

Lelethu will be working with James Oatway on the Visuals team in Johannesburg.

Ainnie Arif

Ainnie Arif hails from a small town in Uttar Pradesh.  She has a Masters degree in Modern History from the University of Delhi and in Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia. During her spare time, she enjoys leisurely walks and cooking. Ainnie has always been fascinated by the art of storytelling through photography, finding inspiration from the powerful visuals in Reuters’ photojournalism. In the next five years, Ainnie aspires to become a multimedia journalist and hopes to attend a Milky Chance concert.

Ainnie will be working with Sanjeev Miglani and Gabrielle Fonseca-Johnson on the Text and Visuals teams in Delhi.

Kaylee Kang

Kaylee, a California native from Fullerton, holds a neuroscience degree from UCLA. She transitioned from working in Sacramento politics to pursuing a journalism program at Stanford. In her free time, she enjoys watching sports. This summer, Kaylee is most looking forward to working alongside the team here at Reuters and hopefully seeing a couple of New York sports teams play in their home arenas. Looking even further ahead, in five years she hopes to still be writing about issues that she cares about.

Kaylee will be working with Jaimi Dowdell on the Data team in New York.

Raymon Troncoso

Raymon, a South Florida native, discovered his love for combat sports as a child when he first started wrestling. Despite the demands of his job, he remains dedicated to his training regimen. Raymon enjoys deep discussions with his fellow reporters, exchanging stories about their interests and projects. Eager to connect with his new team, he is looking forward to meeting virtually or in-person while breaking news. In the next five years, Raymon hopes to be working on long-form investigative projects and feature stories, all while securing a decent salary.   Raymon joins Reuters as an intern for the Scripps Howard Fund OSINT program.

Based in Los Angeles, he will be working with Reade Levinson, Ryan McNeill and Jaimi Dowdell on the Data team.

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