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Reuters, Fortune, Bloomberg, CNBC win Headliner Awards

April 29, 2024

Posted by Chris Roush

National Headliner Awards

Reuters has won the National Headiner Award for business news coverage for its stories about Elon Musk and his businesses.

The judges wrote, “Musk’s companies Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink are transforming the world through innovative applications of emerging technologies, but Reuters’ remarkable reporting reveals how this progress has been accompanied by the dark shadow of a cavalier disregard for safety and regulations, with real-world consequences. By penetrating into the inner workings of these companies, Reuters shows the critical role that journalism has in ensuring that companies meet their responsibilities to ensure the safety of their employees and their customers, regardless of the benefits of their technology.”

Second place went to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for “Milwaukee’s hidden landlords.”

Fortune magazine won the National Headliner Award for coverage of a major news event or topic for its reporting on ChatGPT.

The judges wrote, “Honest characterization of the complex problem AI poses for humanity. Artificial intelligence could mean “lights out for all of us” yet artificial general intelligence AGI is “probably necessary for humanity to survive.”

Erika Fry of Fortune won the National Headliner Award for magazine specialty news coverage for ““If You Think Drug Addiction Isn’t a Problem in Your Workplace, You’re Wrong.”

The judges wrote, “Erika Fry focuses on individual stories, though without ignoring statistics, to examine how small companies have led the way to “recovery-friendly” workplaces and in the process restored drug addicted employees’ sense of self-worth.”

Fortune also won the National Headliner Award for magazine in-depth coverage for “Inside Elon’s universe.”

The judges wrote, “Succinct coverage of a dichotomy facing EV owners: the inevitable need for solar panels on every rooftop in America.”

Kit Chellal of Bloomberg News won the National Headliner Award for magazine feature writing for “The gambler who beat roulette.”

The judges wrote, “Written like a detective story, author Kit Chellel takes the reader along as he tracks roulette wizard Niko Tosa to his Croatian home. Very entertaining, great attention to detail.”

Bloomberg also won in online beat reporting for “Worker Power” by Josh Eidelson and Brendan Case.

The judges wrote, “Josh Eidelson’s unionization stories went deep into the cultures of major U.S. companies, explaining the resurgence of salting tactics as unions become more powerful; highlighting the conflicting values and practices of seemingly progressive companies such as REI and Starbucks; and pointing out startling safety problems at giant retailer Dollar General. The stories were well reported, seamlessly written and prompted resignations at the top at Dollar General and sooner than expected at Starbucks.”

CNBC won the National Headliner Award for online breaking news for its coverage of the Sam Bankman-Fried trial.

The judges wrote, “CNBC’s trial coverage was clear, interesting, thorough, and explained in everyday language what was going on in a month-long, complicated fraud trial. The stories had range, from life inside Bankman-Fried’s penthouse to how the reporter nabbed a seat at the trial, transmitted her stories from a park bench, and the factors that allowed the jury to spend only three hours deliberating.”

See all of the winners here.

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