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Loeb Awards seeks entries

March 5, 2024

Posted by Chris Roush

The UCLA Anderson School of Management and the G. and R. Loeb Foundation invite all journalists and all print, online and broadcast/streaming media outlets to submit entries in 12 competition categories for the 2024 Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

Nominations will also be accepted for two career achievement honors, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Lawrence Minard Editor Award.

The Gerald Loeb Awards are the most prestigious honor in business journalism in the United States.

Website, Deadlines and Eligibility

All entries and nominations must be submitted online at The entry site has been improved with streamlined registration and login, the capability to preview the entire submission forms and questionnaires, easier access to updated procedures, details for all categories, FAQ and a quick start guide to preparing entries for a fast, secure submission experience powered by the advanced Award Force platform.

The #LoebAwards journalism competition entries deadline is Thursday, April 11, 2024, at 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time. The competition group is open to journalism submissions from all media outlets. Individual journalists and groups may also submit their own work. Consideration is limited to entries that were published or broadcast/streamed in the United States during the calendar year 2023.

Each category in the competition group is eligible for submissions with elements in all journalistic forms (print, digital, broadcast/streaming, blogs, news apps and social media) and any combination of forms, including audio, video, graphics/interactives and those produced for mobile distribution on a subject related to business, finance or economics.

Nominations in the career achievement categories have an extended deadline of Tuesday, July 9, 2024. The categories in the career achievement group are open for nominations of journalists or editors who have shown significant dedication and leadership in the industry. Organizations and individuals may submit more than one journalist or editor for consideration of career achievement honors.

12 Journalism Competition Categories Open for Submissions

The definitions of the Local and Video categories have been revised for the 2024 cycle.

  • AUDIO – Exemplary audio journalism on any platform that uncovers or illuminates a significant business, financial or economic issue. Submissions in the Audio category may comprise one full-length program or podcast episode or one package of up to three discrete segments.
  • BEAT REPORTING – Exemplary coverage of a business, financial or economic beat.
  • BREAKING NEWS – Exemplary coverage of a competitive business, financial or economic news story within 7 days of an event, with special attention paid to the first 24 hours. Accompanying a submission in the Breaking News category should be information (via the Questionnaire) that showcases the dominance of covering/breaking the story or stories.
  • COMMENTARY – Deep and insightful business, financial or economic editorials, columns, syndicated columns, blogs, on-air or video commentary or analysis.
  • EXPLANATORY – Exemplary in-depth analysis and clear presentation of a complex business, financial or economic subject.
  • FEATURE – Pieces in any medium that explains or enlightens business topics with exemplary craft and style.
  • INTERNATIONAL – International business, financial or economic stories; must be English language and published in the U.S.
  • INVESTIGATIVE – A business, financial or economic story or group of up to 5 stories in any medium or in a combination of media. Factors the judges will consider include: originality; creativity and persistence in gleaning information; storytelling power; and impact.
  • LOCAL – This category recognizes excellence in the coverage of a business, financial or economic story that has a significant local, regional or statewide impact. The coverage demonstrates a clear community connection and local knowledge, and is offered primarily to consumers in that area. Pieces would come from a local or regional newspaper, magazine, television, radio station or website.
  • PERSONAL FINANCE & CONSUMER REPORTING – Excellent business, financial or economic journalism that informs and protects the individual investor and consumer. Includes personal finance, as well as other subjects related to informing and enlightening individuals so they can improve their situation. Eligible entrants include journalists and experts who are determined not to have conflicts of interest or personal agendas related to the submitted material.
  • VIDEO – Outstanding video journalism delivered in any platform (including broadcast, digital or social) of a business, financial or economic story. Submissions may consist of one full-length program, documentary or interview, or one package of up to three discrete segments.
  • VISUAL STORYTELLING – Exemplary use of images, graphics and interactives (still photography, video, charts, data visualizations, graphics, illustrations, news apps) to tell stories. These visual and data elements should be essential to the reporting in order to explain, enlighten or educate the reader/viewer/user about contemporary business, financial or economic topics. The images, graphics or interactives, and any accompanying text, voice track or sound, can appear in any medium. Judges will give strong consideration to the quality of the user experience on mobile devices, as well as to entries grouped around a common theme in a story or series of stories.

Two Career Awards Open for Nominations

  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Recognizes an individual’s exceptional career contributions in the field of business, financial and economic news.
  • LAWRENCE MINARD EDITOR AWARD – Recognizes excellence in editing by a business editor whose work does not receive a byline or whose face does not appear on the air for the work covered.

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