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How The Ankler aims to cover Hollywood

February 22, 2023

Posted by Chris Roush

Joe Pompeo of Vanity Fair writes about The Ankler, a new publication covering Hollywood.

Pompeo writes, “The Ankler, which he started in late 2016, chronicles Hollywood in all of its naked theatricality, with a mischievous bent and a sardonic regard for the industry’s towering egos. It’s a sensibility Rushfield has nurtured for years through an array of DIY media projects, from his alternative college newspaper (The Hampshire Hypocrite) to his AOL-era email newsletter (The Barricade) to his early-aughts fanzine (L.A. Innuendo) and now The Ankler. ‘I seem to have a history of starting troublemaking publications,’ Rushfield told me.

“The Ankler is expanding as a venture-backed, Substack-hosted business, Ankler Media, for which Rushfield has joined forces with the veteran editor and executive Janice Min, who recently told me the goal is to become ‘a primary resource about the entertainment business for the largest audience available on a global scale.’ Grand ambitions aside, Rushfield remains The Ankler’s beating heart, and his trenchant analysis is the main reason people are willing to pay for it. Which is to say, not everyone is convinced The Ankler can or should be much more than that, or that it can become a bigger player without diluting Rushfield’s boutique appeal. Depending on who you talk to, it’s either a total must-read or, well, not quite so.”

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