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Business Insider’s list of the most influential tech reporters

May 17, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

Sean Czarnecki of Business Insider has compiled a list of the 54 most influential technology reporters.

Czarnecki writes, “The journalists who report on this industry often change what outlets they work for just as swiftly, because those who can penetrate the tech industry’s mystique are in big demand. And recent TV shows based on tech scoops like ‘The Dropout’ and ‘Super Pumped’ have given those journalists star power they’ve never had before.

“Insider identified 54 top journalists covering the tech industry. We leaned toward reporters who are known for scoops, investigations, and profiles that have had a big impact, whether it’s triggering a federal investigation, leading to new legislation, or transforming a company’s image.

“We included people from niche publications like The Verge, mainstream news outlets like The Wall Street Journal, and solo practitioners like Alex Kantrowitz.

“We didn’t include every top tech journalist, including those who are mostly editors or on-air commentators. Nor did we include Insider’s own tech stars including Eugene KimMeghan Morris, and Rob Price.”

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