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Sony secures rights to adapt Guardian’s journalism for audiovisual projects

December 4, 2023

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

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In a landmark deal, Sony (NYSE:SONY) Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has entered into a strategic partnership with Guardian Media Group, granting SPE exclusive rights to adapt the Guardian’s journalism for audiovisual projects. This collaboration, announced Wednesday, will allow SPE to tap into a rich repository of content, including current news stories and a historical archive that stretches back two centuries

Under the agreement, SPE’s various television production groups, such as Bad Wolf and Eleven, and its film division, which includes labels like Screen Gems, will have the opportunity to bring the Guardian’s stories to screens around the world. The deal encompasses SPE’s industry-leading production companies, including Left Bank Pictures and the iconic Columbia Pictures, which are known for their development expertise.

Keith Underwood at Guardian Media highlighted the objective of the collaboration, which is to amplify the Guardian’s presence in TV and film by leveraging SPE’s development skills and passion for storytelling. Elizabeth Gabler at 3000 Pictures, pointed to the Guardian’s past successes with documentaries like “Colette” and “Black Sheep,” which have received critical acclaim and she also noted the vast creative possibilities that arise from this partnership, which marries television innovation with cinematic exploration. Wayne Garvie at Sony expressed excitement about creating unique narratives that will resonate with audiences globally.

This creative pact is poised to transform the Guardian’s internationally recognized journalism into various audiovisual formats, expanding its visual media footprint and setting the stage for SPE to explore new storytelling frontiers.


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