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Qwoted 100 PR Superstar: Wendy Taliaferro of The Hoffman Agency

May 2, 2024

Posted by Lou Carlozzo

Recently named Senior Account Executive at The Hoffman Agency, Wendy Taliaferro is our latest Qwoted 100 PR Superstar.

While many (including this editor) have written paragraph after paragraph in the “About” sections of their LinkedIn profiles, our latest Qwoted 100 PR Superstar–Wendy Taliaferro of The Hoffman Agency–gets right to the point: “Let’s shake things up.”

Based in Austin, Texas, Taliaferro has done just that in her career; she took on her new post in March after more than a half dozen years in the business.  Here she talks about her philosophy of PR, which steers clear of “spray and pray” in favor of empathy and a sense of humor.


Qwoted: What do you see as the future of PR—technologically, strategically, or in any category you’re passionate about?

Wendy Taliaferro: The media landscape is shapeshifting and AI is a big part of that. While I think our industry will be tasked with upskilling to understand new ways of showing our value, being intentional is still key. Getting out in the world and experiencing human stories makes this job special, so I hope we can use technology to work smarter but spend more time flexing our creative muscles and reconnecting with stories that matter.


Qwoted: What do you do that you’re most proud of and that other PRs could learn from?

Taliaferro: Research and creative brainstorming are my jam. I love diving into a campaign and looking at it from several vantage points.


Qwoted: What’s your toughest challenge with reporters?

Taliaferro: Getting in front of them will always be a challenge, especially in a remote work environment. I’d love to connect more in person this year at industry events.


Qwoted: What learnings have made a tremendous difference in your career?

Taliaferro: Always imagine yourself on the receiving end of the pitches you send.


Qwoted: How do you break through the noise floor to get effective coverage?

Taliaferro: Try things from a few different angles and don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor. When our inbox is flooded, a dose of something unexpected can break up the status quo.


Qwoted: How does PR in 2024 square with the future of journalism?

Taliaferro: I hope PR professionals and firms can play a more active role in supporting the future of journalism. If we want to foster an ethical and sustainable media landscape, we need to support new media spaces however we can.


Qwoted: What advice would you give to those who seek an effective PR person?

Taliaferro: Be kind, be empathetic, be a good listener and get comfortable with rejection.


Qwoted: What is your golden rule of PR?

Taliaferro: Spray and pray is not a strategy.


Qwoted: If there’s one thing you could change or improve about journalism or PR—in any area—what might that be and why?

Taliaferro: I am always eager to know how I can be a better resource to journalists and would love to improve our synergy as industries in general. On the PR side, I think we can improve how we show and measure impact.


Wendy Taliaferro is a Senior Account Executive at The Hoffman Agency. Email or connect on LinkedIn. 

Lou Carlozo is Qwoted’s editor-in-chief and the editor-publisher emeritus of Talking Biz News. His memoir “The Lost Coin” is slated for publication this year. Email or connect on LinkedIn.

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