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NY Times biz editor Pollock talks upcoming changes

May 2, 2018

Posted by Chris Roush

New York Times business editor Ellen Pollock found herself on her cell phone at 11 p.m. Tuesday night in the corner of a restaurant handling several stories for the next day’s paper.

That typifies why she’s interested in changing the name of the paper’s daily business section, which is currently called Business Day and has been since 1978.

“I just think that a lot of people work that way,” said Pollock in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “I have to be honest that I don’t like the name Business Day. To me, it evokes another era where business was only conducted during a 9 to 5 day. I just feel like that feels outdated in a world where people are kind of working on their devices around the clock and where the world has become a different place.”

Ellen Pollock
Ellen Pollock

The New York Times announced on Monday that it would change the name of its business section, revamp its Sunday section and introduce a new email newsletter covering the top business news of the week.

Pollock was hired one year ago and is the first female business editor at the paper.

The new name of the daily business section is expected to be unveiled by September. Pollock said that some names are being discussed, but she doesn’t “have a favorite at the moment. It’s something we’re actively talking about. We’re joking about it too. I want to give it a little time.”

The name change will also reflect the fact that the Times business news desk produces content that appears in other sections of the paper and some of its content appears online but not in print, said Pollock.

“Our goals are to do deeply reported stories and be on the news,” said Pollock.  “That remains our goal whether we change the name. The mission is continuing.”

The overhaul of the Sunday business section represents an opportunity for the business news staff to showcase its best work, said Pollock.

“I think that it can be the home of some of really wonderful narrative work and investigative work, as well as important stories on the changing nature of work, and occasionally stories that are delightful as well,” said Pollock. “For a reporting intensive long story, Sunday business is a wonderful vehicle, and reporting is ultimately what we’re about. Those stories need some room to breath.”

Pollock said she hopes to unveil the new Sunday business section by the end of the year. Its name will not change.

The newsletter is expected to focus on important upcoming business news as well as important business news from the past week. Pollock said she’s like for it to be sent out on Sunday evening, but the date is not decided.

“I think everybody on a Sunday night is thinking about what they are doing the next day,” said Pollock. “And they need a reminder about what is coming up and what they missed the previous week.”

“I just think it’s a way to connect with our readers, and a way to be useful,” she added. “It can range from big breaking news that somebody might have missed or were expecting, or this was our great read or investigative story.”

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