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NY Post managing editor Robinowitz retires

May 1, 2020

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

Joe Robinowitz, managing editor at The New York Post, is retiring from his post after 25 years. Robinowitz has worked with the Post’s parent company, News Corp., for 47 years which includes his 25 years leading the Post as managing editor.

The Post’s editorial board writes:

“In the Texas drawl he has not lost despite living decades among us Yankees, Robo would design the pages you read, throw out pun headlines and be a cheerleader for scoops (“all day and all night!” was how he’d recommend a story for the wood, what we call the front page). n a profession of sharp elbows, Robo was invariably kind, mentoring young journalists and supporting countless careers. Yeah, he would get exasperated at deadline, but not with angry shouting, more of a despondent “where, oh, where is that story?”

“It’s hard to imagine The Post without Robo, yet we must. Months ago, he announced to the staff that he was retiring. We pretended he wasn’t serious.

“But now it’s April 30, the day he said he was departing, and Robo is sticking to the plan. He has a wife, and children, and a retirement much deserved awaiting him.

“So thanks, Robo, for everything. It won’t be the same without you.”

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