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Google has updated its algorithms to support original content

November 20, 2019

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

In section 5.1 of their recent update, Google announced that they will now be focused on rewarding unique and original content. Their new algorithm will no longer boost repetitive or latest content, but, instead, focus will be directed towards quality-specific content.

Although producing original content takes time and effort, there is no need to worry. Working on producing original content will give your work a brand name while also being successful in terms of SEO listing.

One way to stand-out and benefit from the updated algorithm is to add a touch of “yourself” into your content. What you feel should be reflected in the content that you are producing. This will help you in producing unique content.

Another way to play the new algorithms to your advantage would be to source. Google does not favor copied content. Hence, any facts and figures you state or any other piece of information reported should be directly cited to the relevant source.

The new algorithms now fully favor original content. Previously, Google tended to favor articles that were relevant over other articles. Now, time will tell how the updated algorithms go with the digital-savvy content producers.

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