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Qwoted 100 PR superstar: Katherine Fleischman of Do-Tell PR

November 13, 2023

Posted by Lou Carlozzo

As a Qwoted 100 PR superstar, Katherine Fleischman brings panache and professionalism to glamour-related fields.


In search of the latest Qwoted 100 PR superstar, we venture south to Miami Beach where Katherine Fleischman is making a mark with a boutique firm that serves literal boutique tastemakers in fashion, accessories, beauty, art and lifestyle.

As President and Founder at Do-Tell PR, Fleischman has a credential few others in the industry can claim: a master’s degree in PR, in this case from NYU. She goes national, local, and international —wherever she can land placements in print, online and broadcast media. Event management? She’s there. Runway shows? What’s the catwalk without her expertise? 

Here Fleischman touches on AI’s growing role in her field and her no-nonsense approach of always leaving the light on.


Qwoted: What do you see as the future of PR—technologically, strategically, or in any category you’re passionate about?

Katherine Fleischman: AI has definitely taken over our industry in terms of content building, assistance in pitching and landing placements, coming up with angles and even with social media. I think AI will progress to help make our jobs easier and make the world move even faster than it is now in the way we receive and put out news.


Qwoted: What do you think you do that other PRs could learn from?

Fleischman: I use AI to my advantage to pitch my clients and get them quoted in major press articles.


Qwoted: What’s your toughest challenge with reporters?

Fleischman: They are on deadline so if a client is not quick enough, you lose the opportunity or another expert will take it from you.


Qwoted: How do you approach breaking through the noise floor to get effective coverage?

Fleischman: I always check Google News for timely stories where I can hook and position my clients as experts in the field.


Qwoted: How does PR in 2023 square with the future of journalism?

Fleischman: PR in 2023 is so technologically advanced- the days of reading print magazines and sitting down with a newspaper is almost gone and the future of journalism will involve quick information, tidbits, shorter content form and also using technology and being tech-savvy with the way information and news is shared.


Qwoted: What advice would you give to those seeking to find an effective PR person?

Fleischman: Do your research: Ask for article clippings, placements and references from clients that match their portfolio of clippings and placements who you can speak to.


Qwoted: What is your golden rule of PR?

Fleischman: It is a 24/7 job.


You can connect with Katherine Fleischman of Do-Tell PR via email at ceo@do-tellpr.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Lou CarlozoLou Carlozo is Qwoted’s Editor in Chief and the Editor/Publisher of Talking Biz News. Email lou@qwoted.com or connect on LinkedIn.

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