WSJ, Dow Jones, Marketwatch, Barron's to move to Manhattan in 2009

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  1. BVB says:

    Even Move to News Corporation Headquarters to Home of Fox Business Network and Fox Cable Networks/Entertainment Group Division (Eventually Fox News Channel,Fox Sports Net,WNYW,Fuel TV and More. CNBC to get Three more Years after 2009 Inguration when CNBC Pulled out the Partnership with Dow Jones after NBC Universal end of Olympic Coverage of 2012.
    what Murdochians idea not so Zuckerians
    LOVE YA!

  2. BVB says:

    When CNBC’s Sister network MSNBC ( over Rival Network FNC and sister Network (Fox Business Network)over Agreement with WSJ. even that Erin Burnett and Maria Bartiromo paved over their shares Does not Take Jeff Zucker’s Money .Believe that 30 rockfeller Plaza (home of MSNBC) is far away from News Corporation’s Headquarters (Home of Fox Business Network,FNC ,soon to Home of Dow Jones & Co)

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