More on CNBC and the Dow record

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  1. gene wiley says:

    lets face it – writers are taught to write, but they don’t know JACK about investing or the stock market – admit it chumps.

    ***The NYSE Composite – all NYSE stocks combined – made a new highs over 2 year ago – did even of you mooks notice? Proabably not – cause your hung up on a outdated index – the Dow is just 30 stocks – and they are called industrials – yet they have very few industrials in them. Here, let me help you rookies a bit further.

    ***Most hedge funds are NOT hedged.

    ***Most writers could not read a balance sheet to save their life – quick, how many of your reading this now where to find CASH FLOW on a balance sheet.

    ***Most writers are arrogant and think they are smarter than others, thus, actually are 10,000 miles wide and an inch deep.

    Sorry, but that is the reality of the world we live in.

  2. Scott Nelson says:

    Nothing like a few broad generalizations there, Gene. For the record, I agree that the Dow hitting a new high is not particularly important. I also agree that the CNBC coverage — which I usually have on all day long — tends toward the shallow and breathless. But I’m writing from a 17-person business news team that includes four MBAs and two masters degrees in economics.

    So who’s really being arrogant here and thinking he’s smarter than others?

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