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  1. Jepsen says:

    Did they choose who was fired based on tenure, as in, the people that would be least affected by it, or is BusinessWeek so full of incredible writers that these 12 were the worst of them?

  2. marissa says:

    BusinessWeek is systematically erasing its institutional memory by laying off and forcing out everyone who remembers what a good magazine it used to be.

    The website was the first to be purged. It won award after award for quality journalism, then the management changed and it now gets all its traffic from Forbes-style wealth porn (hardly surprising; BW hired all the Forbes people) and short-stay portal traffic. Every single person who raised a hand and said this was a flawed policy was forced out. More than 100% attrition in 18 months.

    Now it’s the magazine’s turn to be thoroughly purged, so veterans like Morrison, Bernstein etc. are being shown the door. None of it is working, however; sales and ad revenue continue to fall.

    Sad to see a great magazine humbled like this. Terry McGraw has a lot to answer for after handing his premier publication to a gang of vandals, sycophants and water-cooler assassins.

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