Did ex-Trader Monthly EIC take liberties with art, sources?

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  1. Thatsthewayitis says:

    Remember when you were 10 and Randal Lane is the kid who sat next to you and copied all your answers on the test and you bothered to study and he does it with no shame. You look over and glare at him and he looks at you like your crazy and then he gets a higher grade than you on the test…

  2. Joey says:

    I’m desperately trying to care about this, because Randall Lane does sound like a dick… but, ugh, can’t seem to muster it. Just let the copyright owners sue him and VF and be done with it.

  3. Pauline says:

    Wait a minute – Vanity Fair finds out that Lane’s reporting on what hedge fund manager Jim Chanos paid for art work Peter Max made of him is not factually true but then doesn’t add a correction to Lane’s story before it gets printed? They have a staff writer Ms. Bethany Mclean who is close to Chanos and could have easily gotten the correct price Chanos paid. It’s clear their fact checking failed in this story and I can’t imagine Mr. Max would give the publication use of his art for such a mean spirited story. The whole thing reads like a set up. Very disapointed in Vanity Fair here.

  4. Welcome To The World Of VF says:

    Vanity Fair has morphed into a pretentious tabloid, disguised as high-brow journalism. There’s no critical thinking, no thoughts or ideas contained in the pages of VF that haven’t been regurgitated by legions of PR hucksters advancing deadbeat financiers and other movers and shakers that have no real relevance other than their unique talent of draining the rest of us dry and leaving financial ruin in their wake. It’s no surprise that a magazine that works in collusion with these types would also deprive an artist his due or real investigative journalists the attributions that they’ve worked for.

    Buhl deserves a lot of credit for calling these misanthropes out.

  5. Not Surprised says:

    Thanks for reporting this Teri and Talking Biz. I know Lane strong arms most journalist who try to report on his asset miss-managment and ad fraud at Doubledown- glad to see some publications getting the facts out there about the lack of credibility this person has.
    Lane’s hit piece on Peter Max just shows he has no problem sinking the bottom of the well to get a story sold. Since we know now he sells journalistic access I don’t understand how The Daily Beast thinks he has any street cred to write or edit for them?
    I’l’ll give Vanity Fair the benefit of the doubt – that they were snowed by Lane and hopefully some one on their editorial team has the ethics to issue an applogy to one of our generations greatest pop artist Peter Max.

  6. M. says:

    I still can not believe people take Teri Buhl serisouly as a journalist. Teri is a very very bitter woman who was told to leave Doubledown Media because she lied in most of her stories and the rest of the editors had to correct the lies. She is obsessed with all things related to DoubleDown Media and clearly Randall Lane whom she has cyber stalked for a long time now. This bitter woman writes lies to conjure up sensationalism, this is why she has been fired from EVERY job she has had.

    Teri please please do something with your life.

  7. Someone Who Knows says:

    I have to second what M. says here. I had the displeasure of working with Teri Buhl, so I know of what I speak (as, I’m guessing, this “M.” also does). Anyone who would call Teri a “journalist” either does not know Teri or has little to no respect for the profession.

    I am surprised to see that this site would publish the ginned-up charges that Teri is leveling here. (Indeed, it’s worth noting that every significant charge that she hurls at Randall Lane is contradicted — and rather plausibly, at that — by the fact-checking department at Conde Nast. Read the story carefully, and it falls apart at the seams.) This “article” is the journalistic equivalent of screaming “when did you stop beating your wife!” as loudly as possible, at a cardboard cutout of Randall Lane. Which leaves Randall two choices: either sink down into the mud with Teri Buhl, or take the high road, ignore it, and thereby, unfortunately, allow her malicious hack job to assume the veneer of truth.

    Has Randall Lane made mistakes? Sure. Did he screw up the business side of Doubledown? Absolutely. But that does not now allow for a bitter, vindictive individual to attempt to forge some kind of reputation out of slandering him at every opportunity.

    Go away, Teri. Stop it. You’re embarassing yourself. (And no, for those who are wondering, I am NOT Randall Lane.)

  8. Jennifer kennedy says:

    The Vanity Fair article was magnificient. It was the most entertaining expose’ I’ve read in ages. Say what you will about Randal Lane, he exposed both his greed and Peter Max’s over the top con-man like operation. But it’s hard to feel sorry for any parties involved. It was the perfect article in VF.

    Max will no doubt be plagued with hawking his computer generated crap on ebay or worse….shopping malls. This is the beginning of a straight down-hill ride. My friends in Aspen who were also roped in to buying their computer generated portraits from Peter will likely stowing their so called originals.

    Who could have been an icon, if he behaved and laid low is now on the same level as the other greed mongers he painted from the great 100.

  9. Teri Buhl says:

    @M – For the record I quit Doubledown Media in Jan 08 after I had finished my year commitment. It was my frist business journalsim job and I’ve always been thankful for the editorial support Rich Blake and Chris Gillick gave me- during my time their I rarely interacted with Lane on editoral projects. My senior editor Rich Blake asked me to come back as a freelancer for the Top 100 Trader Income story because he said they couldn’t do it without me. (A story who’s reporting Lane rewrites in his Vainty Fair piece.) After that 2 month project I moved on to breaking news for the New York Post during the financial crisis.
    I don’t think I’ve heard my peers call me bitter but I am passionate about reporting on individuals or financial service firms who conduct fraud and abuse investors. In the case of Randall Lane I am still waiting for him to respond to interview questions and on the record statements, about the miss use of company funds, from those he worked with. I am also waiting for answers on the why Lane bounced checks to Peter Max and never paid him ($48k) for the project he begged him to do for the Cigar Report Hall of Fame issue.

  10. ME says:

    I know all(and I mean all) the players in this saga(except the hedgies)…this is such an accurate description it is simply amazing…Any comments that disagree are simply ignorant of the actual facts and people. This is Peter to a T and the whole charade that goes on at MAX….Randall is so on, it is just good writing and so accurate…BRAVO

  11. Someone Who Knows says:

    Hi, Teri. I am one of your peers. And I will now call you bitter. There, now you’ve heard it.

    Likewise, Teri, you did not fulfill your year-long commitment, and you know it. You left before your year was complete…and you quit, in the midst of conducting research for the Trader 100, because you didn’t want to work for free anymore. Which is why Rich had to pay you. Because he had no other choice.

    And the reason why you weren’t hired? Your work was thoroughly unprofessional. Don’t believe me? Read the email Rich sent to Randall regarding you; it’s in Randall’s book. [OK, here it is, so you don’t have to buy a copy: “Need some advice,” Rich Blake wrote to Lane. “I would like to send an email to Teri explaining why she can’t write her ‘scoops’ for the website. She bothers me all the time with web scoops that either smack of an agenda, or are shaky or could get us in trouble … she is too inexperienced and I can’t trust her reporting.”]

    Sound familiar? Like exactly what you’re doing right now?

    You might want to consider that email before you try to go around again posting comments about how much Rich Blake supported your work.

    And no…I am not Randall Lane. And I’m not his wife. I’m just someone who can’t stand to see a person peddle lies and get away with it.

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