Media Movers: KFF Health News’ Alex Wayne

If our health is a gift, Alex Wayne’s new job might have come with a giant bow. He just took on an exciting role with KFF Health News, which he describes as a “leading nonprofit newsroom covering one of the most chronically undercovered, yet vital subjects for all humans: their health.” [Editor’s note: Whether health is […]

Media Movers: Cord Cutters News’ Roger Cheng

In his time at Dow Jones, CNET and now Cord Cutters News, Roger Cheng has made a name for himself by interviewing the people who have literally reshaped every facet of our daily lives. That’s something that not a lot of journalists can say. Roger — who won a Best in Business award in 2011 for […]

Media Movers: CNN Business’ Paul Glader

For years, I thought that once you left daily journalism, you were done. But I’m starting to rethink that. Last week, we chatted with Tony Wilbert, who opened up his own PR shop only to get lured back into the crazy world of editorial deadlines. Today, we’re hearing from Paul Glader, who recently landed at […]

Media Movers: CoStar’s Tony Wilbert

If you want to know something about commercial real estate, ask Tony Wilbert. He’s written about the topic for years and has also led a public relations agency representing commercial real estate clients. Being both a hack and flack in an industry filled with movers and shakers gives him rare insight into the worlds of […]

Best Money Moves and Think Glink Media’s Ilyce Glink

Some people create content. Ilyce Glink creates content companies. She founded Think Glink Media in 1997 and Best Money Moves in 2016. Using her passion for writing to educate others lies at the core of both. Think Glink is a digital content agency, while Best Money Moves is described as “a cloud-based, mobile-first financial wellness solution […]

Media Movers: Book author Jason Del Rey

I recently profiled Matthew Goldberg, whose career started in sports journalism before he switched to business writing. Today, I bring you Jason Del Rey, whose career started as a breaking news and sports reporter at the Jersey Journal before he switched to business. Journalists like to say that three makes a trend, so I can’t […]

Media Movers: Bloomberg Industry Group’s Bernie Kohn

I call them the journalist conversion reversions: The rare professional who dips a toe into public relations and then goes back. Changing careers is hard enough, but then being re-accepted back into the news business is a feat after testing what many journos call the “dark side.” [Editor’s note: We love our PR peeps.] Kudos, […]

Media Movers: Deniz Çam of ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’

Last week, I chatted with Bob Hagerty, who just retired after an amazing 45 years at The Wall Street Journal. This week, I talked to Deniz Çam, a young star who, if she decides to keep working, will undoubtedly leave her own mark on the field. Deniz is a producer with The Problem with Jon Stewart, […]

Media Movers: WSJ legend Bob Hagerty

  Not everyone who starts in journalism gets to retire there. It’s even rarer that someone stays at the same publication for most of their career.  James R. Hagerty – who goes by Bob – recently left the Wall Street Journal after a stunning 45 years, one of the longest runs you’ll see at the […]

Media Movers: Bankrate’s Matthew Goldberg

Two weeks ago, we profiled a sports writer. Last week, we spoke to a financial journalist. This week, we talked to a sports writer who became a banking reporter. Matthew Goldberg started out in sports journalism, but the nights and weekends took a toll. So he left the field and spent time working in financial […]