Whistleblowers International is looking for legal writers

April 11, 2022

Posted by Margarita Sanabria

Searching for law students, paralegals and/or freelance legal writers to write legal articles for a new law firm website that will be launching soon. The articles would be about topics in whistleblower law, mass torts & class actions.


Piacentile, Stefanowski & Associates LLP d/b/a Whistleblowers International helps individuals bring whistleblower cases against companies who have defrauded the United States government, evaded taxes, violated securities laws, or endangered the public through corporate misconduct. We’ve built our practice through decades of experience with these specialized cases and lots of hard work from a dedicated team of attorneys and investigators. Whistleblower litigation, from the False Claims Act to SEC violations and IRS fraud, can be confusing without experienced counsel at your side. We take our commitment to the best client outcomes seriously: we want to see your interests protected and your devotion to justice honored.


Article topics would fall within the following legal areas, among others:

  • Motor Vehicle Safety Act/ MAP-21 Whistleblower Program
  • Environmental Whistleblowing (Endangered Species Act, Lacey Act, and Fish and Wildlife Improvement Act)
  • Political Corruption and Whistleblowers
  • SEC Whistleblower Program
  • CFTC Whistleblower Program
  • Federal False Claims Act
  • State-based False Claims Acts
  • IRS Whistleblower Program
  • Political Corruption and Whistleblowers
  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Anti-Money Laundering Whistleblower Program
  • Fraud Against Financial Institutions (FIRREA)
  • Insurance Fraud in California and Illinois
  • Covid-19 PPP Fraud
  • Cybersecurity-based whistleblower actions
  • Mass Torts (Roundup, Hernia Mesh, CPAP, etc.)
  • Mass Arbitrations
  • Aggregate Litigation in non-US countries
  • Cryptocurrency fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Procurement Fraud
  • Natural Resources Fraud
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud



  • Write a short introduction about yourself
  • Include a paragraph highlighting your writing experience, relevant credentials and publication credits
  • Attach links to your strongest work or portfolio, and online profile.


  • $100 a day- per 800-word article.


For more information, visit their website.

Apply here.


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