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Quartz seeks future of finance reporter

March 17, 2017

Posted by Chris Roush

QuartzQuartz seeks a reporter to cover the future of finance globally, spanning a broad range of finance and technology topics.

You would be part of the growing Quartz team based in New York, and help shape our efforts to take bracingly creative approaches to covering business and finance news. This position would focus on the forces being brought to bear on global finance right now—regulation, technology, globalization, and international capital flows.

We are looking for journalists with professional reporting experience, facility with data, an entrepreneurial approach to their work, and the ability to convey curiosity and humor in their writing. The central challenge of this job: Developing fresh ways to dig up news and data and quickly translate them into provocative articles that deliver real insights to our readers.

The successful candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental underpinnings of the banking and finance industries, and how that drives their evolution and growth. They must also understand and be able to write clearly about the ways in which things such as cryptocurrencies, social-lending startups, and new stock exchanges are challenging the incumbents.

We’re looking for someone who has the confidence to take the long view and answer macro questions—like whether bitcoin’s original premise has been compromised—and also write with obsession about the day-to-day news and narratives on the beat, things such as the bitcoin hacks, the Lending Club scandal, the state of the hedge-fund industry, and the evolving culture of investment banks.

This reporter will both be responsible for our coverage of cryptocurrencies and payments as well as consumer banking and debt trends, trading and exchanges, and the psychological and emotional landscape of finance. Some of this coverage will naturally be pursued in collaboration with Quartz colleagues—but we believe a broad scope in coverage of this area is valuable for truly connecting the dots across finance and technology to analyze where things are headed.

The reporter should feel comfortable using formats other than 700-word articles (such as short posts and charts) when they’re better for efficiently getting a story across. International experience and languages are a plus.

To apply, go here.

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