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May 28, 2022

Posted by Margarita Sanabria

In this role, you’ll be expected to write mostly long-form articles (1,500-2,000 words) as well as ebooks, lead magnets and other formats using the highest content writing standards, including writing for SEO, conscious copywriting and writing that sounds both intelligent and human.

The writers who do best on our team tend to have a fun and engaging natural voice and an knack for knowing how to sound authoritative, without boring the reader.


An obsession with quality

At Pointed, we specialize in writing branded B2B tech content that makes complex topics fun to read.

Unlike content mills or high-volume agencies, we never use automation, AI or “churn and burn” hiring processes as part of our content creation process. We work with an exclusive roster of clients and team members so we can maintain a focus on quality.

Experience with best-of-breed SaaS

Our experience working on a deep level with a variety of best-in-category B2B SaaS brands gives us valuable breadth of perspective when adapting a brand’s content execution to fit its growth strategy. We don’t tell brands how to grow, we just help them do it.


We are proudly women-owned and operated.


If you get genuinely hyped up when talking about things like SEO truth and fiction, the difference between ‘farther’ and ‘further’ and whether it’s OK to start a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’, welcome home.

You’re the kind of person who gets that freelance life isn’t just about working in your damn pajamas. It’s about passion, dedication and writing words that actually help people.

If either of the following statements makes you say ‘Hell, yes!’, you may have just found your tribe:

  • You looove B2B writing and you’re great at it—but juggling all the client stuff, it’s just not for you. What you really want is steady work on your terms with a team of people who are actually fun to hang out with.
  • You’re sick and tired of working for soulless brands and questionable clients. You just want to do work that matters.

The B2B Copywriter is at the core of our mission at Pointed.

You’re the person who makes it possible for us to consistently knock our clients’ (and their clients’!) socks off by crafting super-relevant content B2B readers love.


  • Research like a desktop detective, pinpointing the most relevant trends and giving proper accreditation to credible sources
  • Write content that cuts through the noise to clearly and directly support the one main message of each piece
  • Self-edit like a sober Hemingway to ensure voice, grammar and style are always on point
  • Be an advocate for the reader—always address their real-life fears and wants



  • Fill out our quick questionnaire with your top 3 B2B samples (please do not make us dig through your portfolio!) and let us know which industries you’ve got experience with.


  • $1,500/month for 8 articles


For more information, visit their website.

Apply here.

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